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For many of us, major disasters are infrequent, but they are not all that rare.
Some meats are indeed cooked medium-rare, including pork and duck.
Researchers track the cause of a rare but fatal form of insomnia.
He is considered honest and frugal, rare virtues in a country with eye-popping graft.
Smart phones have increasingly become valuable tools in the conservation of rare species around the world.
When faced with the rare snail whose shell formation is counterclockwise, many snakes failed to feed or dropped their prey.
With the exception of some rare kinds, they are summer and fall blooming.
With tensions rising between the two powers, the concert was a rare moment when art really did seem to transcend politics.
Severe, chronic mental illness was viewed as relatively rare.
Constructive suggestions are rare in a debate that has mixed a lot of rhetorical cant with a big principle.
Formation of an ocean is a rare event, one few scientists have ever witnessed.
The kids and the chickens enjoyed sitting under the arbor to cool off on our rare sunny day, or to hide out during the rain.
It's rare that malware-writing crews get arrested for creating the tools that criminals use.
While life comes with no guarantees, fortunately, campus violence remains rare.
It is rare that government policy can make a big difference.
The main problems with donors are rare instances of complications having to do with the surgery, not the lack of the kidney.
Rare earths are used in automotive catalytic converters and for refining petroleum products.
With notably rare exceptions, locking all exits to the workplace is a harmless way to improve your employees' productivity.
Many people have jobs for life and performance measures are rare.
Super deep formed diamonds might be rare but regular diamonds really aren't.
What she had stumbled upon was rare indeed: a riddle in plain sight.
It's a rare kitchen that doesn't yield the basic ingredients of eggs, milk, and flour.
Astronomers have spotted a rare stellar nursery that was common at the dawn of the universe.
Immersion courses are common for language programs but are rare in other disciplines.
Researchers get a rare glimpse at life without fright.
The rare piece is expected to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
And in the animal kingdom, teaching is exceedingly rare.
In general, the more barren the desert is, the more rare and astonishing the flower show will be.
In the snorkeling pool on the north end, you might see a rare sleeping monk seal.
Even in the capital, attempts to crack down on the counterfeiters are rare.
And it is the rare observatory that becomes a cultural icon.
Beyond making drugs, however, such big-dollar corporate alliances remain rare.
Raises may be rare for college presidents this year.
Megan actually has a rare genetic disorder that renders her insensitive to pain.
Earlier this month, your correspondent was given a rare tour.
It's rare that a relevant newspaper article or story doesn't get picked up by somebody in my network.
But careful scrutiny reveals that such examples are rare.
In fact, many rare elements have been suggested elsewhere to be at or already over peak.
But the skill of choosing the right ones to focus on at the right time is rare.
Customers can also savour the rare privilege of pushing their own trolleys and serving themselves from the shelves.
It seems to be a rare case of a seed planting itself.
You'll spend your days on activities that help preserve the rare native plants and animals on the island.
These planet-altering meteorites were once thought quite rare.
Identifying new species of large animals or creatures that belong to well-studied groups is extremely rare.
Water is one of those rare materials that expands while it freezes.
They will really learn, once they get used to it, for it is way too rare in academe.
Though much publicized, these egregious errors are relatively rare.
His reflexes guarantee no coffee spills on rare books.
It will be rare that you have an opportunity to teach literature.
Rare has thought of a whole bunch of different things to do with the concept, but nothing ever pays off.
Such students have proven to be rather rare in my courses anyway.
Meteorite strikes on humans and human structures are rare but not unknown.
Frost and snow occasionally occur inland, but are rare on the coast.
It's the rare blogger who knows the power of anonymity.
Visit this windswept landscape now, when the ocean is churning but storms are rare.
Zero in on one of the city's many gardens, some of them with rare botanicals.
From such deep sources do many of his sonnets, chiefly of his political sonnets, draw their rare intensity of moral feeling.
Nevertheless, a number of them could prove to be congenial to life, which so far seems to be so rare in our own reality.
As rare events become less rare, you can expect coincidental occurrences of them to be less rare.
Bioluminescence is rare in the animal kingdom, known only in a few species of cephalopods.
Given the lack of inflationary pressures, they had a rare ability to do this without the normal subsequent price rises.
Snow was irregular, costs were high and paying visitors rare.
But using the sun's energy directly to generate power is rare.
Those gatherings are closed to the news media and nonmembers, and are a rare chance for candid conversation.
In my experience, it is rare that all reviews for one manuscript are problematic.
The idea of customized textbooks has been around for years, but until recently use of the option was rare.
Cases involving efforts to control teaching and learning are rare.
Hundreds of weapons, armors and items can be found, but the worthwhile ones prove incredibly rare.
It offers a rare, first-hand glimpse into the workings of the outlaw groups.
Two rare and related diseases leave their sufferers with no fingerprints.
What appears to be part of a spring wedding bouquet is actually a nest for a rare species of solitary bee, a new study says.
The science is uncannily true, with rare exceptions.
It is rare for civil cases to be brought during the pendency of a criminal case.
It's a rare day indeed when a multinational manufacturer of agricultural chemicals and genetically modified seeds takes my advice.
Cheese plates in restaurants are often served with a dainty dollop of some rare berry jam or conserve.
It is really neither well done nor rare, but a medium chop of hot, hearty juiciness.
Right this way to the balcony, the gourmet's paradise, where rare foods are gathered from all over the world.
But the formula for deep ocean blue is rare, occurring in only one out of every several hundred thousand diamonds.
Kilims are generally inexpensive, but old and rare pieces can cost several thousand dollars.
The leading thin film manufacturer uses a material that includes the rare element tellurium.
It's no wonder, then, that diamond is so rare and valuable.
So far the materials are rare in business jets, though they've become common in small, home-built kit planes.
The materials are rare enough to predict that solar power based on them must be quite limited.
Even if such an accident is rare, there could still be a backlash against electric vehicles.
These plants rely on relatively rare geologic formations.
She flowers only once every six years or so in an event that has become as famous as it is rare.
The anode contains, in addition to nickel oxide, a small amount of the rare element scandium.
During these rare moments the spreading of neutrino is literally detached from water surface, so it can propagate higher speed.
Its possible that a bird could be struck by a moving wind turbine, but it is the rare exception not the rule.
Her rare moments of ecstasy, when she stands on one leg and glues up her round eyes with filmy eyelids, are stunningly disgusting.
Scientists operate mostly in disciplinary silos, and it is rare for research in one field to influence work in other disciplines.
Though rare in ancient art, this scene has three astonishing parallels.
But the record of those rare plane crashes where some people survive complicates the picture.
He was, perhaps, one of those rare people for whom there is no real gap between conviction and practice.
It is a rare life that hasn't a few deplorable incidents in its chronicle.
Serious house fires are rare, but when one occurs it is devastating to the unlucky family.
To be fair, this looks worse in hindsight, because the bank could not have anticipated such a rare event as genocide.
The book is an all too rare example of good, even dense, scholarship finding a way to engage the larger public.
Brain cancer is such a rare disease that gathering enough people for a large and strong enough study is a challenge.
Dermatomyositis, a rare inflammatory muscle disease, may be triggered by viral infection-or something more sinister.
On the rare times when he vacationed in the tropics, he always wore waterproof beach shoes.
Neuroscientists have recently become fascinated with a particularly telling pair of rare brain disorders.
Scholars can examine the book by jumping through all of the standard hoops necessary to access the rare book collection.
Without the rare earths, there would be no iPods and no hybrid cars.
It is a rare researcher who can fundamentally change our picture of our place in the universe.
But getting a well-crafted goal in the waning minutes of extra time to crown a champion is a rare and heart-pounding treat.
It's a rare one for me, and raised the unfamiliar question as to what.
Whatever the explanation for his rare gift, his champion performances made for many extraordinary moments.
It is rare that purely practical consideration stimulates an artist to create a wonderful body of work.
If it's rare to find a great book with an equally great reader, it's rarer still when the narrator is the author himself.
It is rare for anyone-never mind a writer-to possess such clarity.
My favorite discovery was a rare fib she told me in the nineteen-seventies.
On the rare occasion when they disagree about something, she will be the one urging him to be more outraged or recalcitrant.
All that remains of his lifetime of work are fifty photographs of these rare and exquisite creatures.
There's also a section for photojournalism, which is a rare and welcome change.
He has the extremely rare ability to run the entire movie in his head.
Recently, a rare order came out medium, while a medium rare came out medium gray.

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