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Example sentences for rapprochement

But the seemingly whirlwind rapprochement they are conducting is neither so sudden nor so straightforward.
History wars, still far from resolved, point to the limits of rapprochement.
He doesn't expect a rapprochement between the two worldviews.
But some sort of rapprochement seems to be under way.
The release of more political prisoners is a necessary precondition for rapprochement.
On both sides of the border, the rapprochement of the past few months has been broadly welcomed.
But not all of them savour the alternative ending for their cold war: rapprochement and reunification.
Neither a rapprochement between the two sides, nor a resolution of the arguments one way or another, seems likely any time soon.
Nevertheless, there are three strong reasons for doubting that real transatlantic rapprochement is possible.
Nor, in the end, did it secure the desired rapprochement.
Lawyers tried to forge a rapprochement, but nothing worked.
The euro could disrupt any such rapprochement, however.
Such outward signs of rapprochement still make some people blink.
Religious conflict, not rapprochement, seems to be the aim of some hotheads.
Rapprochement, steps towards rapprochement, have been made recently.
Such a working rapprochement between the economy and the environment demands wide citizen participation.

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The confrontation between America and Europe reveals not so much a rapprochement as a distortion, an unbrid... more
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