rapping in a sentence

Example sentences for rapping

He had everyone in the audience rapping with him, which was awesome to behold.
Rapping as a means to a financial end:this is the narrative of the era of corporate hip-hop.
Run a knife along edge of cake to loosen, then invert onto a cutting board, rapping on bottom of pan until cake is released.
The chanting, intermittently rapping crowd had a case.
Despite their hilariously florid rapping, his folks are also incredibly cagey: they never give the entire game away.
Rapping intensity is controlled by the weight of the hammers and the length of the hammer mounting arm.
Rescue personnel will be listening for three rapping sounds every few minutes.
Particulate is removed from the collection plates by shaking or rapping the plates.
The adhering mud is removed by rapping the steel sharply against the rock.

Famous quotes containing the word rapping

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