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As a result, they can manage their resources with agility, and quickly respond to the demands of a rapidly changing global market.
We have a hardworking research staff that keeps careful track of a rapidly changing world in many ways.
Conservation of angular momentum explains why an ice skater spins more rapidly as she pulls her arms in.
Flat basal rosette spreads rapidly by underground runners.
The largest helium sources in the world are rapidly reaching capacity.
It faces a rapidly changing mix of students that derives from our rapidly changing demographics.
And companies wanting to invest abroad will favour markets that are expanding more rapidly.
Global fish populations are rapidly being depleted due to demand, loss of habitat, and unsustainable fishing practices.
Plants spread rapidly by underground runners and by seed.
No, it didn't give us the same decompression sickness found among deep sea divers who rapidly ascend to the surface.
The bad news is that this looks likely to slow because working-age populations will decline more rapidly than overall populations.
Most of the snails were then released in the wild, where they rapidly grew in number.
One is the rapidly growing, completely counterintuitive practice of bringing animals into hospitals and nursing homes.
May look a bit shabby in winter but revives rapidly in spring add to my plant list.
What's more, the refugees' ranks are growing rapidly.
When manufactured, raw polystyrene is heated, rolled out into thin sheets and then rapidly cooled so that it can retain its shape.
They grow about as tall as clumping types but spread rapidly by long, trailing stems.
Humanity is forgetting its history more rapidly each year.
And farming these crustaceans has rapidly become big business.
The rapidly spreading disease affects more people than ever before.
But genetic changes in a population can occur much more rapidly.
The desert habitat in which the onagers thrive is disappearing rapidly due to human settlement and overgrazing.
The more rapidly and actively a plant is growing, the more nitrogen it needs.
If that were to occur, autonomous communities little affected by the shock, would help to rapidly reboot the larger system.
Our accounting program is growing rapidly while simultaneously escalating in quality.
Those challenges, however, are now mounting rapidly.
It adapts well to movement and so can be towed much more rapidly than corral systems already in use.
After many iterations, the robots had evolved effective movement patterns and were able to slither rapidly towards the goal.
One service, however, is rapidly shifting to the cloud: student e-mail.
After three years of breakneck growth, the economy is rapidly slowing down.
Cities throughout the world are growing rapidly, but none so rapidly as those in developing regions.
The problem is therefore one of rapidly rising demand.
In today's rapidly changing environment, however, the federal.
Rising temperatures are rapidly reducing the ice that permanently caps high mountains around the world.
The number of electronic tools for treating mental health troubles is rapidly increasing.
Tigers are an endangered species, rapidly being poached out of existence.
Addicts should not be deprived of their drugs too rapidly.
The early euphoria could rapidly fizzle into surly disappointment.
New research shows that the flow's volume is rapidly increasing.
Everybody figures out rapidly which apps are really the coolest.
They also want people who can be effective quite rapidly.
Development followed, and the pace of change rapidly picked up.
Plus, there's the globalization that allows bee-killing disorders to spread rapidly and easily.
Rapidly placing and canceling orders for stock shares in order to game the market.
The regions where planets are being created are incredibly chemically productive, rapidly generating new compounds.
Indeed, student interest in the programs has been strong, with enrollments rising rapidly across the country.
Inserting the electrodes closed this gate and rapidly alleviated the depression of two thirds of the trial's patients.
Companies in the rich world are confronted with a rapidly ageing workforce.
Absorption refers to the ability of the chemical to enter the body rapidly.
The killing of human beings by wolves, cougars, bears and pigs is rapidly increasing.
There's a fair amount of information to rapidly process in order to avoid collisions and other accidents.
This, it would seem, would occur much more rapidly than the subsequent cooling.
The finding highlights the importance of the rapidly dwindling habitats to reef communities.
However, there are already many examples where such traits change rapidly in tight-knit communities.
The aquarium fish industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year worldwide and is growing rapidly.
Likewise, some tents last for a long time whereas others fall to pieces rapidly.
If temperature increases so rapidly with height that clouds cannot grow vertically, stratiform clouds occur.
Certainly a rapidly growing younger spider requires a diet that differs from an elder.
However urban life strikes you, cities worldwide have been growing ever more rapidly.
They next peck at the water and then rapidly open and close their beaks.
The dairy industry is rapidly consolidating as demand grows in the emerging world.
Possible bidders found themselves appraising a rapidly shrinking firm.
It is dynamic, audiovisual, and has rapidly changing language and emotional aspects.
Studies cited in his article show that inequality has been rising, and rapidly.
When food is within reach, a fish will rapidly open its mouth.
And rapidly changing the position of the tentacles could even function as a kind of brake.
The native forests are rapidly being cleared and converted to urban landscapes.
As you read this, your eyes are rapidly flicking from left to right in small hops, bringing each word sequentially into focus.
Between the ages of one and two, toddlers typically rapidly expand their vocabularies.
It seems, indeed, as though the fashion of translation changed as rapidly as the fashion of hats and coats.
It diminishes rapidly in size, in consequence of the many large branches which it gives off.
If oil is added too rapidly, dressing will have a curdled appearance.
It rapidly diminishes in size in its course up the neck, owing to the number and large size of the branches given off from it.
It was therefore changing rapidly both within and on the surface.
Every now and then a suspicious movement would startle me, but my confidence grew rapidly.
They recuperated rapidly, however, and proved a good team to break up the ground with.
As mixture thickens, dilute with vinegar, when oil may be added more rapidly.
In a time of increasing performance pressure, this opportunity is rapidly becoming an imperative.
But as the country grows richer, skills shortages are driving wages rapidly up.
Let's discuss what's taking place as emerging markets grow rapidly.
However, with inflation falling rapidly in so many countries, deflation is emerging as a threat.
US life expectancy is still much better than ever before, and improving so rapidly.
Tornadoes are vertical funnels of rapidly spinning air.
But the powerful shock wave of energy travels rapidly through the ocean as fast as a commercial jet.
Know the warning signs of a tsunami: rapidly rising or falling coastal waters and rumblings of an offshore earthquake.
One of the largest known stars in the universe is shrinking rapidly, and astronomers don't know why.
Will hover above a field on rapidly beating wings, or soar in place in strong winds above a hillside.
When sea levels rise rapidly, as they have been doing, even a small increase can have devastating effects on coastal habitats.
In several places the tsunami announced itself in the form of a rapidly receding ocean.
But the powerful shock wave of energy travels rapidly through the ocean, sometimes as fast as a commercial jet.
When a fly or spider lands on a flytrap's leaf, the stimulus triggers the leaf to rapidly swell with extra water.
The animals are rapidly losing habitat to palm oil plantations.
They then journey out to sea, where they grow rapidly, feeding mainly on zooplankton.
Plants can return rapidly to areas affected by volcanic eruptions.
The continents become dramatically offset from the planet's spin axis and so move rapidly to right themselves.
This, in turn, makes it harder for older adults to switch rapidly back and forth between tasks.
E-payments rapidly phasing out paper checks as an option.
The genre is rapidly getting crowded, and the newcomers are sticking around longer.
Skies rapidly clear behind the disturbance because of the sinking air, which inhibits clouds and precipitation.
Battery technology has been improving for decades, and the planet is urbanizing rapidly.
Your hands, which might need to rapidly fire a weapon, are preoccupied.
The organ then decelerates rapidly and ricochets back to the rear of the skull, a jolt called a countercoup.
The findings suggest that a mammalian genome can evolve much more rapidly than previously thought.
They found that, among amniotes, egg proteins seem to have evolved more rapidly than other proteins.
The big question, he says, is whether the adiabatic method's gradual adjustment of qubits would operate rapidly at that size.
Rapidly expanding in use, such tags may soon even report the amount of material in recycle cans.
The picture will change rapidly in the coming months.
Some big sinkholes fill with water for weeks, then drain rapidly, only to fill again.
Some lineages will rapidly and drastically change, and others will remain in relative stasis over millions and millions of years.
The wet sediments collect in low-lying areas and are rapidly buried by more and more debris eroding down from the mountains.
Inside this tank, they placed a small ring that whirled more rapidly than the cylinder.
Since that area is being developed rapidly, the hogs can't be shot at.
But you want those spaces to be rapidly colonized by the next generation of corals.
The fruit also has a peculiar color, and the taste resembles that of an apple that has been frozen and thawed out rapidly.
We must trim the plants as the leaves grow quite rapidly and cover our walkway.
It is reasonable to expect that as raw materials become less expensive, they will be more rapidly depleted.
Sometimes intelligence needs to be developed rapidly, to get inside the enemy's operational loop.
In fact, the legacy network of copper wires they service is rapidly turning into a cost center rather than a source of profits.
Often the symptoms of this disorder come on rapidly and without an identifiable stressor.
The situation could rapidly spiral out of anyone's control.
Cash-out refinancing continues to decline, while cash-in refinancing is growing rapidly.
Now that he's within reach of an early-state victory, the media scrutiny and attacks from rivals are escalating rapidly.
She was immersing herself in the rapidly evolving sciences of stress physiology and neuroendocrinology.
Once harvested, the leaves and stems have to be processed rapidly or they will be destroyed by exposure to ultraviolet light.
Because he hadn't had those vaccines, the infection spread rapidly throughout his body.
The forest canopies of the redwood are largely a mystery and are being logged off rapidly.
Reality itself is a term that is rapidly being devalued.
So while the pie has been growing rapidly, the share that goes to individual households has shrunk.
In our rapidly changing world, she was much in demand.
The technology is evolving rapidly, but so far there is no evidence of a captain-of-industry gene.
When subject to novel environments it can react rapidly, bringing both the good and the bad.
Moreover, the incidence of autism is apparently rising rapidly.
Her heart was beating too rapidly to allow its chambers to fill before they pumped, so her blood pressure was plummeting.
The number of phonemes in a language changes far too rapidly to have any relation to prehistoric migration.
Normally yes, but it's been wet for over a year now although drying up rapidly at the moment.
By rapidly opening their jaws, they create negative pressure that pulls in a hapless fish.
The entire picture was characteristic of the abnormalities that rapidly appear when a diabetic develops serious infection.
He breaks a raw egg one-handed, plops the white into a bowl, and starts rapidly whisking.
He says it could happen in the next decade, though, in light of rapidly accelerating technology.
Over the following year, her disease progressed rapidly, and she became confined to a wheelchair because of intractable dizziness.
The surface of the planet cools rapidly after sunset, but caves don't have rapid temperature variations.
It was this, more than anything else, that led to rapidly declining incomes.
The rats have multiplied rapidly-even advance preparation, such as laying traps and guarding crops, has failed.
Pressman was diagnosed with liver cancer, and his condition deteriorated rapidly.
He walked over to a steel door and rapidly twirled the combination lock to open it.
Credit and money, in other words, have for decades been growing more rapidly than underlying economic activity.
The rapidly worsening security situation only inflamed tensions.
Overall, facial-recognition technology is advancing rapidly.
Rapidly heating many rock types causes them to break apart.
The science of invisibility is rapidly moving from a focus on research to a focus on development.
In addition, these changes in wave size occurred more rapidly in the meditators.
High-power batteries accept and deliver charge rapidly.
Drop water on a surface treated with the coating, and it rapidly spreads out, creating a thin film.
But these are designed for the desktop, not the mobile or tablet platforms that are growing rapidly in popularity.
They will allow the state to move rapidly toward a low-cost, secure, environmentally.
Already, external doses are rapidly declining as a result of the decay of short-lived isotopes.
The latest revolution in the rapidly moving field of genome sequencing is upon us--single-molecule sequencing.
Oasis can rapidly be trained to recognize new objects.
While they may provide temporary heat, they also cause you to lose body heat more rapidly.
With fall rapidly fading into winter, short days and long, dark nights are.
If the job market were seriously tightening now, there would be some sign of renewed inflation and rapidly rising wages.
New sources such as wind power have grown rapidly but are still a small fraction of total energy use.
In our rapidly expanding world of truth in a second, no one can get away much with a lie.
Small biotech companies, many of them founded by university researchers to exploit their discoveries, proliferated rapidly.
Personal debt, corporate debt, and government debt have all grown much more rapidly than the economy.
By now secondhand bookstores are disappearing rapidly all over the world.
While this was happening the neighborhood was filling up, rapidly.
But the science is advancing rapidly, and the technology of reading and writing genomes is advancing even more rapidly.
It also-through a rapidly rising rate of natural increase-made the poor much more numerous.

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