rankle in a sentence

Example sentences for rankle

Few things rankle a doctor more than an insurance company's saying it cannot find a claim for medical services.
Many professors rankle at the notion that they should have to worry about it now.
Yet their unfair advantages, of money and connections, rankle with honest citizens who never collaborated.
Security delays don't rankle unless there are longer waits at some airports than others.
It's great to be on the cutting edge, but sometimes those disappearing features rankle.
They snap and rankle and connive, honoring only the kinship.
The stately gray home has over the last year become the center of a controversy that continues to rankle residents.
It tends to rankle religious hardliners, but that's all right.
Of all the cost-saving measures he proposed, two seemed to rankle council members the most.
In a business that is only casually regulated by copyright laws, the steady proliferation of red-carpet adaptations can rankle.
That's a full-blooded pronouncement of the influence of the automobile, one guaranteed to rankle the disciples of high culture.
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