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Example sentences for ranking

The ranking is based almost entirely on measures of strength in research.
General counsels who learn of potential wrongdoing by high-ranking college officials find themselves in a delicate position.
Some of them refused to submit policies for the ranking or did not respond to repeated requests for their policies.
Android's low ranking in the index came as no surprise to us.
Blue whale calves enter the world already ranking among the planet's largest creatures.
However, our ranking takes data over a three-year period, which helps provide a more rounded picture.
There are no great changes at the top of the ranking.
The magazine based its ranking not only on how many people used any given system, but also on that system's quality.
Additionally, a similar pattern was seen in the highest-ranking males, who frequently offered consolation.
The basis for the ranking of environmental uncertainty in the chart on the last page of the article is unclear if not misleading.
Some post bogus comments in hopes of raising a site's search-results ranking.
At first, high-ranking individuals threatened low-ranking individuals to keep them away from the dispenser altogether.
Those higher-ranking genes have also been undergoing a lot of evolutionary change since they first emerged.
Each prediction has a confidence ranking, which reflects the size and number of studies that underlie the calculations.
He carried out a multi-dimensional ranking of their views.
There is hardly a category these days that is not subject to ranking.
Before you ask, this ranking takes account of employee-side payroll tax as well as the federal income tax.
And of course, ranking is an adjunct of criticism in any field of art or thought.
There's an eclectic feel to this year's ranking of the style elite.
The statewide top-to-bottom ranking takes into account both student achievement on state tests and graduation rates.

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