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The rank and file will be allowed all their clothing, but no other property.
But as his and the party's ratings kept sinking, the rank and file became restless.
Only fear prevents the rank and file from laying down their guns.
The ragged rank and file have replaced the previous state-security apparatus.
Yet her penchant for self-promotion estranged her from the company's rank and file-and she failed to get quick results.
Calls for a more pro-poor, pro-labour stance strike a strong chord with the party's rank and file.
The rank and file is fracturing, and splinter groups determined to oust the foreign radicals have emerged.
Nevertheless, in the rank and file of many unions, suspiciousness prevailed.
As the power of the machines declined, ideology replaced patronage as the prime motivator of the parties' rank and file.
And the rank and file of the movement are conscious of their debt to him.
The provisions of bereavement leave differ depending on whether the employee is excluded or rank and file.
All soldiers, nearly every officer, and many of the generals spent the winter in log cabins built on site by the rank and file.
Huge stock option pay fuels the growing chasm between executive pay and the earnings of rank and file workers.
Wartime controls inevitably built up tensions within the rank and file.
Their struggle has been an extraordinary one that shows the rank and file's wisdom and strength.

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