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Example sentences for rancher

Onshore, these are often plowed into a rancher or farmers field for fertilizer.
And any rancher knows how damaging cattle are to land.
Where a rancher sees rangeland for livestock, the environmentalist may see ravaged nature in need of preservation.
Those are the two nastiest words you can say to any rancher.
The rancher left him a truck, and one night he drove the snowy road to town.
Yet it is the rancher who monitors land and wildlife conditions that would otherwise be neglected by short-staffed agencies.
To be a good rancher of citizens, you must look after your livestock.
No cattle rancher takes off more animals from his herd than the reproduction rate allows.
The next day the rancher finds the remains and the telltale tracks of a jaguar.
We failed miserably and so the rancher began to butcher the cow then and there on the roadside.
Funds for the program are generated from rancher donations and private and public grant sources.
His examples resemble pastures in which each square inch is owned by a different rancher: useless.
The story centers on a pair of friends hired to protect a lawless town suffering at the hands of a renegade rancher.
Beginning farmer and rancher individual development accounts pilot program.
To this list could be added the western rancher's refinement of irrigation processes.
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