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Example sentences for ramble

If you don't enforce the time limit, they won't practice for it, and they'll ramble on forever.
In other words: the perfect setting for an off-asphalt ramble.
But his impressionistic ramble through his homeland is indeed telling.
Use this tough vine to climb up ramadas and pergolas, or train it to ramble over fences.
Sorry for the ramble, but populist means for the people.
During his ramble awaiting the noon hour, he has a surprising encounter.
Ramble around grounds, across the stone bridge to the quiet garden gazebo or past the pastures with walking horses.
Sturdy shoes, protective clothing, extra water and walking sticks are useful on an off-the-beaten-track ramble.
Most people falter on this question because they have a tendency to be undisciplined, unfocused and ramble.
She skipped around, attending to a segment here and a ramble there-with a number of layoffs when she visited friends and family.
Something about the place makes me want to ramble, on foot as much as by car.
Notes from writer's six-thousand-mile ramble on the plains.
When he isn't hosting whatever program one finds him in, he tends to stumble and ramble a bit.
So excuse the ramble about old unrelated posts and dead links.
The nearby city-managed park offers walking trails that ramble back and forth across the creek and dam area.
The park's paths also ramble through deciduous forest whose canopy towers overhead.
Kittredge's nonfiction will know to expect something of a ramble.
When answering interview questions, be brief and succinct and try not to ramble.

Famous quotes containing the word ramble

Do not write me studied letters but ramble as you please.... more
It hath evermore been the notorious badge of prostituted Strumpets and the lewdest Harlots, to ramble abroa... more
Some hours seem not to be occasion for any deed, but for resolves to draw breath in. We do not directly go about the exe... more
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