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Example sentences for rallying

And her case will be a rallying point for all involved even if they do not fully support her personal agenda.
The chimps shout a rallying cry and climb purposefully into the trees.
It's become a rallying cry for almost any group working for social change.
In the age of tight budgets and rallying cries for fiscal conservatism, public media has not fared well.
The public responds to the rhetoric, rallying behind the call to prevent censorship and protect the free exchange of information.
Yet the anti nuclear crowds are already rallying against nuclear power again.
It was a plea for sanity as much as a rallying cry for it.
He tried everything from rallying the neighbors to having the beach policed, to employing private security patrols.
It was eloquent and beautiful and it'll live on forever in our culture, but it was all about rallying people to his cause.
They haven't coalesced into anything you could really call a rallying cry.
The crackdown on sagging is certainly rallying its defenders.
She suggested helping rallying staff and communicating vision of future since many staff members have fear of unknown.
By driving, rallying or chasing birds with any motorized conveyance or any sail boat to put them in the range of the hunters.

Famous quotes containing the word rallying

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