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It rally depends on when you plan to retire, and how comfortable you are with risk.
So to take us back to the beginning, it is disappointment over the profits outlook that may yet end the current rally.
When disasters strike nations and aid agencies rally to help.
They're rally only suitable for spaces in which people don't spend too much time.
And faculty members and students will rally on the campus this afternoon in support of the strike.
It may be a effective tactic, to deny reformers symbols to rally about.
Crowds then followed it to a political rally in a field.
But that doesn't make it a healthier or stronger idea to rally around.
As the affair unfolded, what struck many observers wasn't the rally of detractors, the organized indignation.
Sounds daunting, but if you can rally friends to pitch in, it could be an amazing opportunity for your community.
The rally planned for the next day had a couple thousand students.
The sight of his face was enough to make them rally for another fight with the enemy.
One alert in the rally and skirmish, clever to parry and foin and spar.
To rally myself by calling to mind my own better fortune and nobler lot, and cherished surroundings at home, was impossible.
She is weak from being cupped and from medical treatment, but she will rally immediately.
To be sure, the initial rally to arms was impressive.
We can use it to rally our troops and direct them to the proper targets.
Then you have to put forward the strongest reasoning based on evidence you provide in the clearest language you are able to rally.
Most cancer vaccines are intended to rally a patient's immune system to fight cancers that have already progressed.
Wasn't a huge fan of the rally myself, but there can be no dispute that the signs were among the day's highlights.
Belmont is a healthy, thriving place, and it may well be that the citizenry will rally behind its tradition of fine education.
The police were on site, but the rally was peaceful.
The yen's rally, in contrast, may have further to run.
To the extent that markets were worried about deflation, that might be a reason for equities to rally.
However one suspects that those figures were an excuse to rally, rather than the primary cause.
To rally support, he distributed sheep to indigenous farmers and raised salaries for the army and bureaucracy.
Those same people rally against vaccination, calling it an invitation to a hedonistic lifestyle.
But the president has made it part of his campaign rally.
Of course, supporters rally emotionally to the defense of the accused.
Instead of purging the anti-Semites, people on the right decided to rally behind them.
In earlier times, the party's inner circle would have tapped one of them, and the convention would rally around him.
We ended up forming a circle, and at that point everyone defected from the rally.
Other big events include the homecoming football game, pep rally and dance, which all take place in the fall.
The rally will feature information and presentations on curbing violence across the county.

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