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Where little over a decade ago rainforest transpired under a vaporous haze, the ground has been cleared, raked and gouged.
The team simply skimped on avoidable costs, such as talent scouts, and raked in revenues from the rest of the league.
The more countries and companies compete for talent, the better the chances that geniuses will be raked up from obscurity.
Both the company's marketing and mining operations raked in more cash.
Imus deserves to be raked over the coals, but not fired.
Oil-producing nations that raked in billions over the past few years now face a reckoning.
They raked over his stormy personal relationships, exposing his violent treatment of his wives and girlfriends.
The hood is raked into the windshield on virtually the same plane, and the greenhouse is narrow and shallow.
Leaves should be raked near the road but out of drainage ditches.
Leaves raked into the street will not be collected and are a violation of city ordinance.
Burial sections will be raked, graded and prepared by cemetery staff prior to installation by contractor.
Leaves should not be raked into the street but to the back of the curb.
If leaves are raked into the street, this could cause problems with the storm drains during a rain.
Beginning in late fall, leaf-loaders vacuum up piles of leaves that residents have raked to the curbside.
External heating has to be applied, the blende being raked in a series of muffle furnaces through which air circulates.
Poles supporting span wires shall be raked to appear plumb after loaded by span and guy wires if specified.
Leaves must be raked off the road and spread out so that the back edge of the leaves are no farther than ten feet from the road.
Then, the modified detail receipts or expenses are raked to modified total receipts or total expenses.
Periwinkle can be pulled by hand, dug up or raked up, being sure to remove underground portions.
These needles can be raked into bales of pine straw and used as landscape mulch.
The fluxes are raked in or stirred with the surface of the dross layer and react to free the dross of aluminum.
Leaves should be raked two or three feet from the street curb, but not over any sidewalks.
Keep lawns trimmed, leaves raked, and the roof and rain gutters free from debris such as dead limbs and leaves.
When an unauthorized vehicle track is found, it must be raked-out and blocked as soon as possible to prevent continued use.
Put raked leaves and other yard wastes in a compost bin and keep these materials out of landfills.

Famous quotes containing the word raked

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