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The researchers found that those trained with action games raised their performance to the level of the experienced gamers.
The line of peritoneal reflection from the lateral surface is raised to the level of the obliterated hypogastric artery.
Tuition being raised, students need work part time to fund their education.
In that exercise, not a dollar is raised, but development is happening nonetheless.
He routinely discusses issues raised in his book in the media, at educational conferences, and on college campuses.
Dairy cows raised on organic feed aren't pumped full of hormones.
Android skins have raised the hackles of some smartphone enthusiasts.
While a few charities have distributed all the money they raised, others have big sums still on hand.
Mail clerks raised money to have his body preserved by taxidermy.
You've raised your family, you've moved through your career years.
Ferrets raised in captivity are getting a taste of what it takes to go wild.
Generations were raised on it, and rearing their own with the show, with that big goofy bird and his imaginary friend.
The ability to communicate subtle emotions with a simple raised eyebrow or curl of the lip may be innate.
Blood vessels raised in tissue culture may one day help heal broken hearts.
Meat grown in bioreactors-instead of raised on farms-could help alleviate planetary stress.
Even the captive-raised cavies had higher levels of norepinephrine and epinephrine from the get-go.
The fifth one was out of line so the simply raised it up, and then for good measure they raised the rest of the curve too.
The vehicle was then raised into its launch position.
We are no longer comfortable accepting how agribusiness keeps animals who are raised for food hidden from us.
Then they raised that country's flag on the pirate ship so they appeared to be friendly.
And leverage-taller bindings, raised platforms on your board-is getting built into the system.
After spending their first years at sea, puffins tend to return for breeding to the place where they were raised.
For the first time ever, a panda raised by humans was reintroduced into the wild today.
Sails raised, colors gleaming, they round up prey.
Concrete planters are placed along the sidewalk, with a firepit and raised patio inside.
Besides flavor, pasture-raised eggs seem to be better for you too.
Pigs, chickens, and other animals raised for food are sentient beings with rich emotional lives.
Recently scientists have raised concerns that coffee might be harmful to people with preexisting coronary heart disease.
Since then the debate has moved on, with a number of new concerns being raised over safety.
When the temperature is raised, the organic molecules sublime into a gas and coat every surface inside the chamber.
The debt ceiling may be raised, but the stock market has plummeted.
She then stood and raised her arm high, opening her hand to reveal the button.
Those who insisted that language is unique to humans, however, simply raised the bar on what counted as language.
In some way-how and why was unclear-the subject of atomic weapons was raised.
But there are a number of special features that make the problems raised by brain sciences even harder to solve.
If their kids were orphaned, they'd prefer not to have them raised by celebrities.
He has been raised to preside over things as a prince.
As you walk in, one approaches with an eyebrow raised and nose aloft to give you the benefit of full-frontal froggy nostril.
Grant raised his knees and lifted the table off the veranda floor, cutting off the flow of ants.
It's a rare one for me, and raised the unfamiliar question as to what.
Clover's research suggests that when you step up to the sushi bar ten years from now, you won't find much that isn't farm-raised.
They process and dry age them, and you can almost smell the sweet pasture it was raised in.
Trim the raised excess chocolate from the seam with kitchen shears, and neaten up the open ends with a knife.
All animals raised for consumption are treated humanely.
In her case, the search and destroy mission caused by her other recalcitrant itch had raised the ante.
Using her index fingers she raised both her upper eyelids.
All along it has been the unconscious mind churning away brilliantly and undetectably that has raised us above the din.
But against natural backdrops, the convincing nature of their raised tentacles becomes more obvious.
It's not a raised feature, it's a depression carved into the surface.
But the project stalled as objections were raised to the five leading proposals.
So far, the program has raised more than thirty kittens.
Finding no research misconduct or other matter raised by the various regulations and laws discussed above, this case is closed.
Then each animal is raised by the trust's keepers in their homes and in the farmhouse's nursery.
We raised that much selling cookies and washing cars.

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