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It should raise inflation expectations, which will reduce real rates and boost economic activity.
The idea is to both raise money for the state-an estimated billion dollars a year-and motivate people to consume less soda.
All the political changes of the age promote it, since they all tend to raise the low and to lower the high.
And if you continue to look on the net you will find that they also raise other creatures too.
Conservation groups do not use hyena photos to raise money.
Then raise the speed to medium-high or high until you reach the desired stiffness.
Rick, you raise an interesting point worth considering.
When an angry or frightened dog barks at you, these are the muscles that raise its bristling hair.
His raise follows an earnings announcement that disappointed investors.
And with gaping holes in public finances the chance to raise taxes in the name of public health has never looked so good.
Another is to raise prices discreetly by offering smaller products.
Instead of borrowing money to pay back shareholders, companies now need to raise equity to pay back creditors.
Other vulnerable financial giants scrambled to sell themselves or raise enough capital to stave off a similar fate.
He would also cut the employer's share of the payroll tax, with larger cuts for those who boost net payrolls or raise wages.
He announced plans to trim the social charges paid by employers to the state, and to raise taxes on consumers to pay for that.
Clean water and sanitation could raise the quality of human capital, thereby lifting labour productivity.
They would lower interest rates in good times, then raise them in bad.
It appears to raise the risk of an accident by four times.
The ability to raise money from industry is not so attractive in a downturn.
The first company to really raise prices will get stung by consumer groups.
If properly done, climate protection would actually reduce costs, not raise them.
Stem cells raise the prospect of regenerating failing body parts and curing diseases that have so far defied drug-based treatment.
The findings add to evidence suggesting that frequent use of pesticides could raise the risk of melanoma.
The melting of the polar ice caps threatens to raise sea levels of salt water endangering coastal cities.
Critics also raise eyebrows over bar coding's accuracy.
Commercial apiaries are located in mild-winter areas, where they can raise bees almost year-round.
These jellyfish raise algae inside their belly, giving them a food source that they take along as they float through the oceans.
Getting stuck in traffic might be enough to raise anyone's blood pressure.
Furthermore, insurers could deny people health coverage or raise the premiums they have to pay.
The livestock and grocery industries use this as an excuse to raise their prices.
The penny-lower price can then raise questions in the buyer's mind about quality.
The financial industry makes nothing of value and therefore cannot maintain, let alone raise, the nation's standard of living.
Mirrors concentrate solar power in orbit to raise efficiency.
Dietary fats do not raise blood sugar levels or fat metabolism in the absence of enabling concomitant dietary carbohydrates.
The proprietors of those moors profit by it, and raise the rent of their land in proportion to the price of their cattle.
They steal the money for improvements, and predict that reform will raise the tax-rate.
When her wages are increased she does not get a raise, but a rise.
It may often be true that the best way to raise demand for your product is to give it away.
Raise your hand a little closer to your mouth, press a button and you can talk into the watch.
Certain outmoded provisions need to be revised so that businesses can raise capital more easily and efficiently.
The problem is the lack of audio feedback-when users can't hear their own words, they tend to raise their voice.
He hadn't replied earlier, he said, because he had to sell his computer to raise money.
They stay perfectly still while resting and when disturbed they raise their head and stiffen their body, simulating a branch.
We have a secondary aim to each expedition-to raise a certain amount of money for a particular charity.
Meerkats seem to enjoy a peaceful way of life: everyone living in extended family groups, all pitching in to help raise the pups.
At the same time, it may have served as an insulating blanket to raise nighttime highs.
Unlike today's whales, it had no blowhole-the ancient behemoth had to raise its head above water to breathe.
For example, elephants in the crush are taught to raise their feet on command so owners can easily move them.
Heat oil and sugar in a wok over medium heat until sugar melts, then raise the heat and stir until sugar turns caramel brown.
The extra water could potentially raise sea levels significantly.
The people here grow their own fruits and vegetables, fetch water from a community well, and raise their own livestock.
When a city floods, humans stack sandbags and raise levees.
On the flip side, it's simply more expensive to raise turkeys naturally, especially heritage birds.
So they raise their interest rates to promise lenders more money later.
Once more crimes are investigated and prosecuted, it could eventually raise awareness.
Reacting instinctively to the indication of motion, they sometimes try to raise the line as if it were a wing.
To raise revenue, you have to get new customers in the door or raise ticket prices.
They can choose to raise taxes or cut spending dramatically.
They could charge premium prices for their goods, and raise prices when costs went up, without losing their customers.
It should raise questions when an enormous, complicated realm of life takes on the characteristics of a stock drama.
Then they said you had to raise half a million dollars in the last ninety days.
Her goal is to raise money for research into treatments explicitly for migraine.
They raise three major objections to the article's findings.
She doesn't speak, doesn't even raise her head to acknowledge him.
No one wants to do an intermission there, so they may slightly raise the lights and sell drinks and things in the aisles.
As a result, much of his career has been spent struggling to raise financing and butting heads with executives.
But his parents lived only minutes apart and continued to raise him jointly.
The school had an enormous ability to raise money and to scour the country and find the best and brightest kids.
Before buying beef, think about the immense cost of energy used to raise cattle and to transport meat to your supermarket shelf.
The company will need to raise billions of dollars to construct the plant.
But its innovative pulse-free architecture might also raise problems of its own.
Although you raise a good point, debating semantics is hardly a constructive activity.
Once a metabolism is slowed down, it is virtually impossible to raise again.
The reason exists, raise vegetable material for fuel.
They claim that the melting ice on ocean will raise water level.
Even middle school science students in decent old wold will understand that melting ice on ocean will not raise water level.
Indeed, the average raise for the six next year is about the same as for all faculty.
They raise bold expectations, but provide no means by which to attain them.
But there is a vexing problem that these new editions raise.
If only they could be neutralized, then principals could fire those who are incompetent or fail to raise test scores.
So it would have to raise premiums to cover those higher costs.
Then they raise one end of the board, and the squid slides back into the sea.
For now, she concedes, all you can do is raise a question.
Take out your smart phone, raise the camera so it can see the bulb, and pray that you're right.
Generations of eruptions have deposited thick layers of ash on which farmers raise scrappy crops of maize or other grains.
Given its ubiquity, methane may raise hopes, but in the end turn out to be a poor biomarker.
Yea it flies in the face of every economic theory to raise taxes during a depression.
Activities and parties and things to raise consciousness and all, across the world.
His parents divorced, and his mom needed food stamps to help raise him.
Sitting in traffic can certainly be infuriating enough to raise your blood pressure.
When you raise the income tax, you are raising the actual portion that the government is taking from the economy.
His best play would have been to make a small raise.
The commercial accuses her of wanting to raise taxes and over-regulate small businesses.
His goal is to raise and isolate the fish in the pot with him in a heads-up scenario.
They may not be unlawful, but they raise questions and suspicions.

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