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Example sentences for rainstorm

It wasn't a rainstorm that residents battened down for, but mob reprisals.
The shepherd had made the discovery by chance while seeking shelter from a rainstorm decades ago.
However, the animals are easy to find in a rainstorm, since their upturned noses catch water and cause them to sneeze.
The flight lands in a rainstorm of mist and scattered drip-drops.
Then came a rainstorm with gusts that nearly ripped his shelter from the ground.
Or an intense, deadly rainstorm never shows up in a monthly average rainfall tally.
If they don't put enough into the cloud, they could end up creating a rainstorm rather than preventing one, he says.
If you don't believe that's true, try driving a solar car through a big rainstorm.
It is a ratio that can flummox, particularly during a rainstorm at rush hour.
When his tribe discovers what he has done, they tie him to the stake, but a rainstorm puts out the fire.
He was wearing a rain slicker and he was soaking wet from a violent rainstorm.
They would apparently flow down the gutters after a heavy rainstorm.
The crater was opened by a landslide, as a consequence of a heavy summer rainstorm.
In late summer, a rainstorm can appear seemingly out of nowhere.
Bring a waterproof jacket for the occasional rainstorm.
But it was a relief when a rainstorm forced it to take a break.
Sheltering from a rainstorm in an abandoned factory, the boys encounter a trio of tramps.
But their amateur repair work rarely survives the first rainstorm.
First of all, an epic rainstorm battered the festival grounds all day, making it a pretty miserable experience.
They laugh at their own misfortune: when someone's hut blows over in a rainstorm, the occupants laugh more loudly than anyone.
Anything from a broken sewer line to a slow moving rainstorm can cause flooding.
During the rainstorm water soaked into the ground in the hill above the driveway.
Look for salmon one to three days after a rainstorm.
Washes and streams can fill up quickly after a rainstorm.
Anything from a broken sewer main to a slow moving rainstorm can cause flooding.
These storage tanks and tunnels hold combined sewage until the rainstorm subsides.
The huge volume of water produced by even a modest rainstorm would require a gigantic facility.
Work moved quickly to reduce the chances for downstream ash migration and upstream flooding in the event of a large rainstorm.
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