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Plants need less when rains are frequent, more in sandy soils and hot climates.
The rains failed, and many more elephants died than usual, both of drought and from poaching.
All fall, the rains continued over almost this entire basin.
Now the rains turn the roofs to sludge, which causes buildings to collapse.
Glacial melt and the seasonal rains, the key suppliers of water, are already affected by climate change.
We got much of those same spring rains claimed to be the culprit for the lack of acorns this year.
It was hot and muggy, not long after the end of the rains, and the sky was bright and cloudless.
Even the deep sea depends on phytoplankton production that rains down.
So, it seems that the landslide was caused by heavy rains rather than any sort of volcanic eruption.
Ondine's space age showerhead bathes you in light as it rains down water.
The road outside these buildings floods every time it rains.
We pay the price every time it rains and washes that garbage down to the beach.
If sustained, these rains could revitalize drought-ravaged regions, reclaiming them for farming communities.
She also got out there, and realized these rains are fake rains.
Next time it rains, think about how much water you could be collecting in a rain barrel.
For instance, unpredictable desert rains cause vegetation blooms, which in turn makes locust populations skyrocket.
Shoals of silvery fish swim in brilliant blue and green pools left behind by the rains.
Hurricanes bring winds and slashing rains that flood streets, flatten homes, and leave survivors struggling to pick up the pieces.
Morning rains now drench the streets, which bake and steam throughout the day.
Others break for the safety of the horizon as hot ash rains down on surrounding wetlands.
Every year, it rains on and off for two or three months.
The spiral-shaped storms pack powerful winds and heavy rains.
Local residents speculated that low tide combined with heavy rains and wind might have disoriented the marine mammals.
Buildings must be replastered regularly or they melt under the seasonal rains.
The big question is whether people will return for the high season, after the summer rains.
For reasons not fully understood, heavy rains put the animals in the mood to mate.
The drained ponds fill back up when the monsoon rains arrive.
It seldom rains in the area, so farmers are heavily dependent on glacier melt to supply water for irrigation.
Rains following the eruption have carpeted surrounding areas in ash and mud.
When the rains came, the rats spread, bringing the virus with them.
With the rains that have challenged our tomatoes and eggplant, the peppers seem to be thriving.
Light splinters through the bedroom ceiling, where the rains have eroded the algae-green plaster.
The rains, which usually leave villages stranded by now, started late.
Then rains stopped coming and the water tins ran dry again.
When it rains, the hairs swell up, and it gets tight as a drum.
Heavy rains have overpowered drains, causing water to spill onto the road and wash whole sections away.
Rainfall is expected to become more variable with climate change, leading to more and heavier rains but also to longer droughts.
If it rains heavily in one region, then it doesn't rain so much in another.
Ironic when you see the worldwide efforts used in the past few decades to combat acid rains.
During my visit, the city was drenched in seasonal rains, but it bathes year-round in a deep-set shabbiness.
It's that its incompetence rains down on all of us alike.
The land is fertile, the rains were good, and this year's harvest will be the best in a decade.
When rains flooded the streets, many employees chose to stay the night rather than wade through the filthy water.
The short spring is already a distant memory, and the heat- and dust-quelling monsoon rains are still weeks away.
Heavy monsoon rains won't alter their wedding plans, but the escalating conflict might.
Travelling a mere five or six blocks can take an hour, especially when it rains.
When it rains, huge puddles form and cars aquaplane.
The good news is that over the past few months rains have returned to some parts of the country, and food supply should improve.
The result was further chaos on roads clogged by rubble and monsoon rains.
The monsoon rains of the past month will help draw some of the criticism's sting.
Authorities expect it will take a few more weeks for the floodwaters to recede because of continuing rains.
For instance, unpredictable desert rains cause vegetation blooms, which in turn makes locust populations skyrocket.
Weather patterns could shift, bringing drought to once fertile areas and heavy rains to fragile deserts that cannot handle them.
The deck has to get stained before it cools down and the rains start.
Rains then eroded the mountains, and piece by piece the amber tumbled again into view.
Then the spring rains come, big thunderstorms, and you and your parents return to where you were.

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