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Rain is liquid precipitation: water falling from the sky.
He had pulled an old plastic sled out of the garage and filled it up with water from our rain barrel.
Next time it rains, think about how much water you could be collecting in a rain barrel.
Water drums: listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.
As the world warms, more precipitation will fall as rain and less as snow, so this storage system may break down.
To pinpoint problem areas, inspect your garden after a heavy rain to see where water is standing.
Don't forget to water plants growing under house eaves where rain doesn't reach.
Every drop of rain that falls in this thirsty part of the country ought to go in the land.
Water weekly for the first few months unless there is regular rain.
Make sure the location has good drainage, since you don't want water to collect around the frame after every rain.
Change in water ecosystems is constant who knows what tomorrow brings, rain or no rain.
In fact, too much water kills the plants, which leaves cranberry growers particularly vulnerable to excessive rain.
The gases combined with water in the atmosphere to produce acid rain, destroying crops and killing livestock.
Chicly dressed guests wore garbage bags as stoles, huddling against the cold on lounge chairs in the rain.
Officer reports the individuals entered the open garage to get out of the rain.
The handles of umbrellas would glow when it was about to rain.
New experiments show that firing lasers into the air might help induce or reduce rain.
They also cause moist air to rise and cool, so that more rain is deposited on one side of a mountain than on the other.
Shooting lasers at the sky can make the germ of a rain cloud, a new study shows.
However, this holds true only for relatively short periods of light, drizzly rain over small areas.
Forcing rain where it might not otherwise fall means rain may not fall where or should.
There were fires worldwide, a tsunami more than half a mile high and storms of acid rain.
If rain doesn't do the job for you, moisten the bed thoroughly a few days before you intend to plant.
Rain is collected in the collar, from where it runs through a network of tubes to be filtered by charcoal and chemically purified.
Though an eyesore, telephone lines strung on poles dry out fast enough naturally once the rain ceases.
Scientists have determined how turbulent air inside clouds causes rain to fall, according to a new study.
Construction cranes are not necessarily a welcome sight in a rain forest.
Rain really beats down pansy flowers, but violas bounce back quickly.
By the way, they need to be outside in the rain and snow too.
Their story takes in nuclear winter, missile defence, acid rain and the ozone layer.
The storm has left as much as five inches of rain in some locations.
Rain gauges measure the amount of rain and snow that falls.
Rain-sensing windshield wipers detect rain or snowfall and adjust the wipers accordingly.
Others have extra rain tarps or those convenient entry porticoes that hold stinky shoes.
Weather forecasters had predicted the heavy rain several days in advance.
Rain forests help generate rainfall in drought-prone countries elsewhere.
Microbes may be responsible for snow-and rain for that matter.
As he headed into an uncharted expanse of rain forest, he left part of the expedition behind to await further supplies.
They had set up rain barrels, a bat house, and landscaping to prevent runoff.
On the contrary, everybody is waiting for the rain to stop, and for the fighting to begin again.
They themselves sometimes produce virga, which is rain or snow that does not reach the ground.
And of course all the extra rain is attributed to global warming.
Clouds drift closer from the north with a threat of rain.
Erect stiff culms resist falling over in the rain and s more add to my plant list.
More dust, less rain and even more dust can become a vicious cycle that ultimately creates increasingly more desert lands.
Homes are wooden huts with thatched roofs, some with metal sheeting under the thatch to keep the rain out.
In general, the authors say, computers tend to underestimate amounts of rain and snowfall.
Three thousand of the budding plants then made the journey to the understory of a tropical rain forest.
Tucked under the house eaves, a small patio corner is partially sheltered from rain.
Many previous rainfall pattern studies have relied on measurements from rain gauges.
It is far more likely that changing rain patterns washed material from the island into the coastal waters.
Apply fertilizer on cloudy days early in the morning, late in the day, or when rain or cool weather is forecast.
He likes hiking through the redwoods and visiting the national parks rain or shine.
It used to cause acid rain and does create a lot of other pollution.
As far as our real, three-dimensional chickens, they are not crazy about the rain.
Flexible canes tend to lean over, even to the ground, in heavy rain or snow add to my plant list.
And you'll be happy to know that it's cloudy this afternoon with the odd spit of rain.
Months of torrential rain have caused flooding and landslides all over the country.
During spells of heavy rain and strong winds, large trees may even topple.
Also, the idea that its pouring rain all the time is untrue.
Strolling through an equatorial rain forest or a northern pine forest can be thrilling enough, if only for the lavish scenery.
As soon as she could walk she wandered away, preferably into warm spring rain.
We stand in warm rain on a dirt road and contemplate a cattle pasture.
But that would overlook the left's capacity to rain on its own parade.
Researchers have confirmed a long-suspected link between logging and the devastation of forest fires in tropical rain forests.
Straight, sharp strokes are added to suggest rain or darkness descending over the scene.
The sea broke in a long line in the rain and slipped back down the beach to come up and break again in a long line in the rain.
Then, when snow or rain wash them onto an ice floe, they darken its surface and thus cause it to melt faster.
Lasers that stimulate condensation may help to induce rain artificially.
If you don't have a swimming pool, you could install a cistern or rain barrels.
Soldiers encounter all sorts of weather conditions on the battlefield: blistering winds, broiling heat, drenching rain.
Rain will into the plant washing nuclear contamination into sea.
The hand relinquishing balance to adjust a cap in the rain.
The salad days of summer are the payoff for living through months of rain.
Roughly three decades elapsed between the rain stopping and war starting.
Real cars driven on the track to end all tracks for a whole day, come rain or shine.
Rain may darken the western rim while a fierce sun illuminates cloud towers in the center and a brilliant blue fills the east.
He has a good reason for loitering for hours in the rain on a nearly derelict street notorious for drug-dealing.
Permanent installation re-creates a microcosm of the world's largest rain forest and river habitat.
Supposedly the cap protects the interior of the camera from dust and rain in fierce weather.
One had snow the whole time, the other freezing rain.
But the sulphur that spews from the smokestacks of coal-fired power stations causes acid rain and the soot generates smog.
It's been a long time since rain and a long time before any is coming.
Not to mention the field's rain drainage system, which hadn't been upgraded in decades.
Rain forests and tundra, deserts and savannas, mountaintops and undersea reefs.
Rain comes in summer as well as in the cooler seasons.
Crappy jobs rain down on the worker, regardless of what faculty do.
Next morning, in pouring rain, bomb ships opened fire thunderously from about two.
Rain soon began to play havoc with the new clamps, swelling the iron and cracking the marble.
The rain had let up, but the night air was still misty.
The purple and white monstrosity sat in our yard for a few weeks, melting in the rain.
By no rain or cold can he be induced to cover his head.
Rain spoiled the barbecue, and thunder turned the milk in the ice-cream.
If the cloud gets much colder, though, they freeze into ice particles that can produce rain or snow.
The work suggests the large, frigid moon also has methane rain.
Overhead a brooding sky opens up and dispenses barrages of rain, then sunlight, then more rain.
The world's rain forests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation.
They live in tropical rain forests, where they coil up on tree branches.
In the past two decades, conservationists say, much of the island's tropical rain forest has been logged.
Most had scattered some cotton or lentil seed after the rain.
It is recycled endlessly, as rain, snow or evaporation.
On average, people are extracting for their own uses less than a tenth of what falls as rain and snow each year.
But greens vehemently oppose the building of more dams and transmission lines in the country's beautiful, rain-drenched south.
They braved the persistent rain to chant slogans against a pay cut for civil servants, the first anyone can remember.
The village that fills up during the tourist season is deserted, and bleak skies alternate with drizzling rain.
The greenhouse warming and the acid rain also did for the forests and many of the reptiles.
Acid rain and old age explain the shortage of capacity.
Lawsuits from farmers and environmentalists will rain down.
Think-tanks rain studies and reports down on a nation cowering from the overload of information.
The convention is to think of acid rain as a dismal byproduct of coal-burning power plants.
Rain flux could be defined as the rate at which rain hits some surface.
Use them to catch rain, cut three holes to improvise a rain poncho, or windproof your shelter.
But rainfall intensity has doubled, and rain comes in storm events.
Messenger degrades in sunlight and rain and can be applied as seldom as one or two times a year.
And on this particular overcast night, with rain dropping from a mossy sky, it's tough to see a thing.
Remove the changing seasons and the replenishing rain.
The leaky house was not repaired while the sun shone, for then the rain did not come through.
While the rain was falling, no one cared to expose himself to stop the leak.
Weeds grow up from the drive and the windows are spotted from rain.
Rain tomorrow, but tonight the sky is clear, the stars shine.
She describes how they met when she had taken shelter from the rain.
Fur might have helped, given that the temperature was below forty and rain was pouring down.
In the thirties, they thought trees would bring rain.
It began to rain as they walked up the brown path leading to the sanitarium.
Boxcars were the best rides, offering a room with a view and some protection from the rain or sun or snow.
Rain-X is a similar technology and it must be reapplied periodically.
There is a rain forest of ideas around electricity and related technologies.
More rice and other crops will probably grow in the northeast, thanks to warmer weather and possibly more rain.
The best spots to put such panels are obviously sunny, with little rain.
The weather both years was the same as was the heat index and rain fall.
Awnings to keep the rain off would be first on my list of useful extras.
When it comes to rain, a warmer planet will hold more moisture in the atmosphere, further increasing warming.
It was about to rain and there where some hints of a thunderstorm.
Occasionally, mortar rounds launched by the insurgency would rain down on the prison grounds.
She wouldn't answer the phone after dark, wouldn't drive in the rain.
Attach a barrel to your downspout that will collect rain from your roof's eaves.
Play lasted only two hours before a rain delay, but now has resumed.
The only catch in this efficient system is that low pressure can also mean rain, and rain means no insects.
The added heat changes wind patterns, bringing more rain to the western tropics.
When an iron-rich meteorite vaporizes on impact, the gases condense into a fiery rain of tiny iron droplets called spherules.
There are about a billion people, largely in the developing world, who are dependent totally on rain-fed agriculture.
Our route was less than picturesque with heavy rain and winds that took these four cars and threw some of them around the road.
Set out a tuna can as a rain gauge and keep track of the rainfall.
But in addition to two inches of rain, the storm also brought another challenge for emergency workers.
Rain showers left them damp and cold as they fought through wet brush.
Government agencies and scientists are not the only ones that can take action to stop acid rain.
Acid rain is rain that has been made acidic by certain pollutants in the air.
Automobile batteries contain a stronger form of some of the same acid that is in acid rain.
It describes the effects, history, and causes of acid rain.
Find the definitions of key terms pertaining to acid rain.
Rain gardens improve the aesthetics of an area compared to conventional infrastructure.
Talk about the effects acid rain has on your character and then present arguments for or against laws to control acid rain.
Now that you know why acid rain is a problem, you might be wondering what's being done to control it.
They then fall out of the cloud as rain drops and fall to the ground as rain.
Rain gardens help filter pollutants and create beauty in your yard.

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