ragging in a sentence

Example sentences for ragging

And it seems somehow churlish to feel cheated by its absence, as if one were ragging on niceness itself.
So everybody that was ragging on him and stuff his shoulder was jacked up from a takedown.
The professor was using his religion as the basis for ragging on gays.
It's about time somebody gave the news outlets the ragging they deserve for trotting out the same old stories over and over again.
Instead of ragging on organized labor, let's have a better standard of living nationwide through more and larger unions.
They'll call me and tell me how the boss is ragging them.
The glazes were applied by ragging, sponging, and other techniques which gave an interesting and uneven surface appearance.
No amount of gear, stamina or technical skill will get you up the mountain if the weather is ragging.
Treat when loopers are numerous and ragging of leaves is obvious.
There is an easier, faster way than ragging, by using a special wool roller and glaze.
Some of the key issues addressed included ragging at universities, and respect for diversity and other individuals.
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