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All one needed to set up a strappado was a sturdy rafter and a rope.
She relaxed and stretched in a yawn, hitting a rafter of cork.
Rafter ties certainly are not mandatory, and many roofs do not have them.
The rafter on the pressure side of the roof does not help hold down the rafter on the uplift side of the roof.
Rafters may not be solely supported by the existing rafter tails or fascia of the house.
The strap should extend above the centerline of the rafter or, for the strongest connection, completely over the rafter.
Exposed rafter tails should be protected against deterioration.
The rafter tails are exposed, as is the sheathing beneath the eaves.
The only area that the rafter tails are covered is above the main entrance to the hotel lobby on the south side of the building.
Keep rafter tails painted and gutters unclogged to ensure the longevity of eaves and rafter tails.
Other features may include decorative tiles and exposed rafter tails.

Famous quotes containing the word rafter

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