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Warped radio waves may satisfy the ballooning demand for spectrum space.
They're much smaller because the wavelengths they interact with are much shorter than radio waves.
After all, the radio waves carrying the time signal must travel at the speed of light, regardless of the satellites' speed.
Radio waves falling on a radio antenna create electric currents at different frequencies.
Microwaves are high freq radio waves, nothing to do with photons.
Different frequencies of radio waves could then put some of the atoms in superposition and flip the spins of others.
When the length of the antenna is changed by stretching it, however, the device responds to different frequencies of radio waves.
That's because radio waves do not travel well through water.
The signal strength at any point in a network is the sum of all the paths the radio waves can take to get to the receiver.
Prior to the first measurements of radio waves, nobody could prove their existence.
Salt water can catch a flame when exposed to certain radio waves, a chemist has confirmed.
They even had time to surf the skies for radio waves after a case of cold ones.
But the attraction of radio waves is that they are pretty much everywhere.
Radar works by recording radio waves that have been reflected from the object under observation.
Radio waves exist in nature, from sound and light to cosmic rays in space.
The difference is that radar depends on radio waves.
As light waves have shorter wavelengths than radio waves, the technology works at shorter distances and lower speeds.
Once these are better understood, astronomers could use them to study the universe in the way they now use light and radio waves.
These contain information on rainfall, but birds reflect the radio waves, too.
In the electromagnetic spectrum, microwave radiation lies between radio waves and infra-red light.
No medium is required for the transmission of radio waves.
However, one of the criticisms of the work was that there is no known mechanism by which bacteria can generate radio waves.
The next big step was finding a way to manipulate radio waves so they could carry more than dots and dashes.
So if you can somehow lodge bits of metal into cancer cells, you can cook them with radio waves without damaging healthy tissue.
X-rays differ from gamma rays which differ from radio waves, etc by their frequency.
The signal strength at any point in a network is the sum of all the paths the radio waves can take to get to the receiver.
The movie would really run in backwards because the ship is moving faster than the radio waves.
Auroral displays can also disrupt the propagation of radio waves by changing the electrical properties of the upper atmosphere.
Power will be supplied by an external source that beams radio waves through the skin and skull.
In general, you can't transmit radio waves through water.
Its beam of reflecting invisible light, working much as radio waves do in radar, serves two functions.
The radio waves come off with in all directions perpendicular to the direction of acceleration of the electrons.
Spiralling radio waves could revolutionize telecommunications.
Lastly, microwave radio waves create what is perceived as sound, often high pitched and irritating.
Astronomers here observe the universe by studying faint radio waves emitted by stars, evaporating comets, and distant galaxies.
It is also safe in hospitals where radio waves are banned.
Keep it away from metal tables and dense filing cabinets, which can block radio waves.
As gaseous propellant is injected into the tube, the helicon antenna bombards it with high-powered radio waves.
In general, radio waves become fainter at a rate proportional to the square of the distance traveled.
Because radio waves can travel through ice, signals from the radar bounced off not the ice sheet's top, but its bottom.
Nonionizing radiation comes in the form of light, radio waves, microwaves and radar.
The idea is that intelligent life might well produce radio waves and eavesdropping is cheap.
Another technology uses radio waves to identify an intended user.
The small rectangular tags respond to radio waves sent by a special transmitter called an interrogator.
Radio waves that reach the ionosphere can go astray.
Then you can take some of the huge satellite dishes that can reflect radio waves.
Spectrum is the collection of radio waves, up to visible light.
Non-ionizing radiation has lower energy such as in radio waves, infrared light and microwaves.
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