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Salt water can catch a flame when exposed to certain radio waves, a chemist has confirmed.
Spiralling radio waves could revolutionize telecommunications.
Cellphones use ultra-high-frequency radio waves to connect with telecommunications networks.
Radio communication at sea quickly evolved into an indispensable safety aid for mariners.
The radio waves that pulse from the poles are identical to each other.
Seismic waves, unlike radio waves, give a profile of water depth.
The difference is that radar depends on radio waves.
They identify radio-equipped headgear allowing direct communication from coach to player.
After all, the radio waves carrying the time signal must travel at the speed of light, regardless of the satellites' speed.
Visible light and radio waves do not or cannot escape from such regions.
Radio transmissions can cause cancers, along with many immune and nervous-system illnesses.
There it will stay hidden in the scrub to serve as a radio repeater for the signal from the tiny bug left inside.
Local blues radio programming-which thrived during the blues heyday-is slim to nonexistent.
They've also extended the party well past game time, often catching the plays on radio or television as they continue feasting.
Now, it's a device that weighs under a pound and connects to a radio.
Sometimes it works, as when the radio industry enlisted the government's help to launch television as a replica of radio.
Sophisticated radio tags and database software are not much use in places where street hawkers peddle fakes with impunity.
Our radio shows have already reached dozens of planets in nearby star systems.
The researchers did not change the radio frequencies.
For bands, radio exposure has never been the end result.
Radio stations point their antennas away and operate at reduced power.
Thousands upon thousands of radio stations in every conceivable genre.
He'll discover that some of the static afflicting radio signals comes from distant stars.
It was inevitable that the radio tags that let cars breeze through toll plazas would get placed on, or in, people.
After all, decades of searching for extraterrestrial radio signals or evidence of alien civilizations have come up empty.
The aliens can detect the direction of our radio signals.
As their over-the-air audience dwindles, radio programmers look to smartphones for new ears, and public radio is no exception.
Since then the two sociologists have been through a torrent of radio interviews and public lectures.
My discipline is communications, specifically film, television and radio production and criticism.
Similarly, some sensors already make more efficient use of another scarce resource: radio spectrum.
The audio version, pulled from a radio broadcast, is considered in the public domain.
As the sun emerges from a long lull in activity, the star's emissions in the radio band of the spectrum have also picked up.
Meanwhile, there are all these radio shows going right through their bodies and their villages, of which they're totally unaware.
Those controllers confer by radio with pilots about which predefined paths to follow for departure, ascent, descent and landing.
Then, only half an hour later, he had come on the radio again to say that the two were in trouble and needed oxygen.
Fans smothered the band with angry letters and many radio stations boycotted its music.
The research project had required outfitting the animals with radio collars.
The radio signal used two radio frequencies to represent the dark and light pixels of the message.
His radio was on the fritz, but never mind: while airborne he would communicate with us on the ground through a series of kicks.
Most of the required components of a radio are the same and can be generalized.
It's distributing tiny radio-transmitter kits so people can broadcast from their own personal radio stations.
So now they're talking about putting it on the radio and that sort of thing.
He did not go to college, choosing freelance photography while working at a radio station instead.
In fact, they travel so far that researchers use radio collars to keep track of them.
The collars send out radio signals that tell people where the dogs are.
They also put a radio collar around her soft, furry neck.
As a storm unfolds, evacuees should listen to local authorities on radio or television.
And he has promised, via shortwave radio, to show me what oil is doing to his people.
Encircling it is another disk, composed mostly of hydrogen gas, detectable by radio telescopes.
You'd think, since the talk radio format is mostly talk, that this would be a given.
Radio is effective only when the correct frequency and antenna position are known.
He was also a regular television and radio commentator.
Finally poets and arts administrators should use radio to expand the art's audience.
Poetry is an aural medium, and thus ideally suited to radio.
Its signals are proudly received by thousands of radio ham enthusiasts in our country.
Radio was always free and no-one was complaining about it.
Some opposition radio stations have been shut down and opposition gatherings banned in parts of the country.
Bosses bemoaned the downturn and demanded free radio spectrum to stimulate the industry.
It is designed to detect the low-frequency radio pulses emitted by lightning strikes.
The capsules are routed through the network by radio transponders incorporated within them.
Radio-frequency identification tags label all kinds of inventoried goods and speed commuters through toll plazas.
Other indoor positioning systems try to find a user's position using radio, ultrasound or infrared signals.
But these approaches require special radio-frequency tags.
Would be interesting to be able to detect infra-red, ultra-violet, radio wave.
Articles show that radio frequency radiation affects several proteins that hold cells together.
Implanted in a patient's muscle, the devices could relay information on local nerve activity via radio to an external computer.
They snapped radio collars on the fuzzy creatures to track them.
He has also written features on subjects ranging from sports-talk radio to backcountry skiing.
Fifty minutes later, local radio stations release the first news reports.
At first glance, it's a small world, where the same ubiquitous radio hits top the legitimate download services.
Twenty independent radio and television stations have received licenses.
Presenting such a view, he told me, was a common practice in commercial television as well as radio and newspapers.
They rage on in the blogs and on the radio, waiting obsessively for the mask to slip.
He can be told what makes a transistor radio work but he cannot find out for himself.
In the past, others have demonstrated radio-controlled planes and model rockets capable of scanning for wireless networks.
Radio wave pulses systematically probe small sections of tissues, knocking those atoms out of alignment.
Another time, my favorite streaming radio station took forever to load.
On the moon, interferometry could also be applied to the submillimeter spectrum, halfway between radio and infrared wavelengths.
He usually has to settle for the whisper of hydrogen and ammonia molecules, picked up by radio towers scattered across the world.
The storm is blasting out tons of radio noise, a sure sign that lightning must be dancing prodigiously beneath those clouds.
And strong radio sources within our galaxy hinder exploration of that region with radio telescopes as well.
Rolling up the car windows and blasting the radio did nothing to silence them.
They also implanted radio tracking devices on some of the squid that allowed them to track the animals' movements day and night.
The workers ran to find their boss, who hurried to a radio and made the first call.
His sole possession was this little tiny transistor radio with earplugs.
He had heard her on the radio and had apparently been entranced by her voice.
At a polo match she was spotted with a two-way radio in case she required backup.
Some of the animals are even wired so that their movements can be radio-tracked.

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