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Both of them seem unfazed by this radical change in their physiologies.
The whole system must before long undergo a radical change.
Both they and their voters avoid radical change whenever possible.
When it comes to the fate of academic freedom, don't count me in for fostering such a radical change.
When it comes to radical energy solutions, an extreme long shot is a nuclear power scheme that would combine fusion and fission.
It might be uncomfortable and take a bit of work, but our future depends on this radical change in order to survive.
Moreover, such a change would in fact be less radical than it might at first appear.
It will require people to change many things in their lives, and will also cause radical changes in our economy.
King's prided itself on the enthusiasm with which it embraced change and radical disruption.
Despite the difficulty of this technique, he burnished out parts of the composition and made radical changes.
So it's worth looking back at how such a radical idea first got translated into action, and what made it work.
He introduced radical changes into its spelling and pronunciation, but he showed little understanding of its direction and genius.
However, the opinion of the medical profession as to the curative virtues of mistletoe has undergone a radical alteration.
When he is doing something genuinely radical, he prefers to pretend that he is not.
However our fiscal regime is becoming increasingly dysfunctional, thus radical reform would be quite helpful.
But some people think it is time for a radical redesign.
He is also not afraid of airing the odd radical idea.
It is probably the only book by a radical historian that you can buy in an airport.
It is more of a proof of concept that radical changes of thought propulsion and materials can do.
The radical thing was that the spinning part floated on magnets in a ring on the base so that there was no friction.
But as her life illustrates, making changes, even radical changes is eminently possible.
What followed was a lot of refinement but few radical changes.
We must think in radical ways with materials before ignored or politically discredited.
The impact on biodiversity is dire, they say, arguing for a radical rethinking of conservation policies in place today.
They were from different castes, their relationship radical and unsanctioned.
But if prospective age is taken into account, they said reform need not be as radical as many people propose.
It's a radical idea, controlling evolution, but one that is helping shape a new vision of the microbial future.
They all believe in some form of radical environmentalism.
Originally, he worked as a graphic designer for a radical newspaper.
But beneath that veneer of familiarity hides a radical rethinking of the way engineers do business.
Then he heard of a radical new treatment for mental illness: drilling into the skull and disconnecting the frontal lobe.
Because hominid skulls are rare, few would dare take such a radical step.
The disease has also shown resistance to primaquine, currently the only licensed drug capable of a radical cure.
Human beings don't want to accept radical contingency.
Others made radical shifts of focus and style from one piece to the next.
The procedure is called a unilateral radical orchiectomy, and it's as ugly as it sounds.
The series could represent a radical rethinking of a key contemporary genre.
Smart phones are creating radical new ideas for getting around.
The solar-power market is undergoing radical reorganization.
Other researchers are working on radical new kinds of computer memory that promise to hold more data.
For consumers, the smart grid could also mean radical changes in the way they pay for electricity.
The new catalyst marks a radical departure from earlier attempts.
Proponents of information freedom and of undermining censorship are increasingly turning to more radical means of making a point.
Radical innovation can alter the landscape of an entire industry.
Moderating electricity use based on real-time price is a radical departure from current utility fee structure.
It will simply emerge from a radical new way of looking at nature.
Maybe important niches, but to really make radical changes in the energy businesses, a reasonable efficiency is required.
There is a serious need for a radical paradigm shift in space transportation science.
Within the environmental movement, scientists are the radical minority leading the way.
Born into the landed gentry, he worked as a civil servant while writing and editing for radical journals.
Then there will be the more radical and deeper reforms: labor law, the electoral system.
Extremists have flourished on the fringes of the moderate mainstream, spawning radical groups and religious vigilantes.
One of the popular arguments against radical human enhancement is that you shouldn't meddle with nature.

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