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Radar works by recording radio waves that have been reflected from the object under observation.
Community colleges can no longer fly under the radar.
Another way to get rewards under the radar screen is via perks.
Radar gun emits a continuous stream of microwaves at a preset frequency.
Radar typically is used to keep track of larger objects, such as airplanes.
The controllers' radar only shows planes' approximate positions, so they must space them well apart.
The radar-responsive tag stays asleep until it is awakened by a radar pulse.
It must have a built-in radar or sonar beam to get it to a safe landing.
Scientists strap radar rigs onto honeybees to test a theory about the buzzing insects' bizarre method of communication.
Then a new radar detector would come out to help drivers evade it.
Surviving till the next week is the only thing on the radar.
Features of the station show up as bright areas in the radar image.
Some stories are too cool to let slide even if they don't make the radar of the day's top entertainment stories.
Paying for housing costs isn't even on our radar screen.
But flying under the radar was yet another increase to airline ticket prices.
For soldiers in the field, that warning may come from radar.
Also in the early days, there was no radar to keep track of flights.
But so far, part-time adjuncts have generally been off its radar screen.
But even the new satellite-based radar images still need fine-tuning.
The publics have an equally serious problems, but they are not on the radar screen this year.
It could involve getting propane cannons, bird radar or all kinds of habitat mitigation.
We're soon to be overtaken by a blob of green, according to the weather radar--rain on the way.
More recently, people have used radar to detect malfunctions.
Or better still use two unmarked cars and time cars to defeat the radar detectors.
Or a radar trap detector and a radar gun to trigger it.
Below are some of these well-received nominees that remain comparatively under the radar.
After he lost control, he began to sob into the microphone, begging the radar controllers to tell him which side was up.
First ground penetrating radar indicated it might be there.
From the perspective of general audience, it was a small blip on the radar, but something that showed that science is cool.
The team then plotted these eight families onto a map that resembled the plots on a radar screen.
In his work to develop radar, sonar and ultrasound he performed all the necessary tests and provided all the proofs required.
But it will try to postpone bilateral obligations, quietly and below the radar.
Thus, things turn full circle, for the original microwave oven was based on the magnetron from a military radar.
Radar-equipped cruise control allows vehicles to adjust their speed automatically in traffic.
For one thing, surveillance satellites have reduced the need for a lot of remote radar stations and airports.
Airports are in no better shape, with frequent complaints of faulty radar, missing landing lights and cracked runways.
Consider breaking up long journeys if you have time, to get a little bit off the tourist radar.
After the actual storm, radar data confirmed that this part of the forecast was right on target.
But in the last decade, acid rain has all but fallen off the radar.
But it wouldn't be unusual for early dementia to sneak in under the radar.
In the pre-digital music world, acquiring music below the mainstream radar involved something akin to a treasure hunt.
He's dropped from a helicopter onto a radar dish and then crushed by scaffolding.
Flying under the radar gives you a little more freedom.
Electronic sports might not be on everyone's radar, but for those who excel it can be a lucrative career.
Radar has done a lot of the stomach-turning work, in a feature that compares the post-invasion careers of pundits pro and con.
The picture at the left shows the radome at our office that contains the radar antenna.

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