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Example sentences for racking

In this month's column, we'll discuss some strategies for that nerve-racking problem.
The next day the camp was quiet except for an occasional racking cough.
Within a few days they would begin multiplying, and the racking diarrhea would recur.
The nerve-racking ride that ensued foreshadowed his current wild adventure.
Even undergraduates are racking up loans as high as six figures.
Ultimately, editing turns out to be even more nerve-racking than recording.
The satirical videos have been hugely popular over the years, with some clips racking up hundreds of thousands of views.
Parents, better check your cell phone plans before your kids start racking up charges.
Its emotional tension is nerve-racking, its psychological insight convincing.
The national roads, while more interesting to drive than the expressways, were also more nerve-racking.
Many transplant candidates go through these nerve-racking dry runs.
It's nerve-racking to go into a strange room for an audition.
Trying to predict the future and determine what clothing you might need on your trip can be downright nerve-racking.
Since this is an arcade mode, racking up high scores is a key component.
Racking mechanism shall be simple to install and operate.
Racking mechanism using a chain to transmit motion from one side to the other side is not permitted.
For some, this brings to mind visions of nerve-racking tests and waiting in line.

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