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And day after day, they look anxiously to sea under racing clouds, waiting and watching for a loved one's boat to appear.
With battery technology advances long overdue, researchers are racing to develop more efficient ways to store power.
Blood racing through a brain region's web of vessels is a sign that nerve cells in that locale have kicked into action.
Anecdotally, my friend's retired racing greyhound could always find his favorite ball fairly quickly even when he couldn't see it.
He's racing through ideas in marketing, environment and finance, and swinging in his chair as he goes.
So researchers have been racing to decode the tree's genome in hopes of finding ways to genetically dial up resistance.
It is also easy to see why racing to get treatment can be a dangerous game to play.
They are dangerous, especially when racing east to catch a sunset.
The above-mentioned book, which is about horse racing and race relations.
Boxing and thoroughbred racing rounded out the big four spectator sports of the day.
In his division, he's broken four national racing records.
Its primary purpose was to further refine engine technology, and also provide a rocket racing airplane.
Trapping these photons is what researchers all over the world have been racing to accomplish for a decade.
If their peers are racing ahead, they can play catch-up.
They were not racing a beam of neutrinos against a beam of light.
There was a paramedic present who checked my racing pulse and warned me about adrenaline rush.
Four large raccoons are racing up and down the trunks and darting through the branches.
Now that other forms of betting abound, racing inevitably suffers.
Unlike horse-racing, the contest is not restricted to thoroughbreds.
So far, this agenda seems unlikely to set foreign pulses racing.
Over the years, various aristocrats, cousins and horse-racing grandees have been more or less plausibly identified as her friends.
It was this which confirmed that polyurethane areas can be incorporated into racing swimsuits.
Up-to-the-minute horse racing news and tournament information.
The fourth installment of the street-racing saga will enjoy a rarity among franchises: the return of original stars.
We're not sure why, but it's even got five-point racing harnesses.
It's about to get a lot easier to go electric motorcycle racing.
In the ruthless world of auto racing, aerodynamics can make the difference between stunning victory and fiery oblivion.
Most of the major automakers are racing to develop electric vehicles, and the first of them are slated to arrive next year.
That's why display makers are racing to bring color to the world of e-books.
The human body is good at many things, but racing through the air isn't one of them.
The universe is racing toward something beyond it, a new study suggests.
Government trucks racing through village streets blaring warnings didn't do it.
Sleek shoes and running clothes that will get your heart racing.
Even on a calm day, the sun emits a mighty solar wind, a stream of protons and heavy elements racing through space.
Another day they focus on sports-making pinewood derby cars and racing each other down a handmade track.
In the end, they were great, and they would recognize me in the city and wave to me as they were racing by.
Whistler's allure reaches further than its racing prowess, however.
But we're still racing toward the core of the storm, which will probably spawn more tornadoes.
It can get the heart racing, being charged by hippos or elephants.
But if you want to get the pulse of a new-home buyer racing mention this room: the kitchen.
Enjoy the experience instead of racing to the next thing.
It's a political struggle with clubs racing to get picks signed and pressuring agents to do deals.
The committeemen put down their racing forms and clapped.
After all, horse riding and racing are by themselves sports which should be enjoyed whether gambling are involved.
The following sets forth the requirements for a vehicle to be imported as a racing vehicle.

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