quotient in a sentence

Example sentences for quotient

The book's large format and empty-feeling spreads enhance the creepiness quotient.
Tests showed that the boy had an intelligence quotient of 185.
His prose is clear and has a refreshingly low psychobabble quotient, and the tone is upbeat.
The flash quotient was about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.
It also had a halfway decent coolness quotient.
Still, with its maximum quotient of action and violence, this entry should appeal to fans of the series.
The fact that their viewpoints do not always represent conventional wisdom boosts the interest quotient of this anthology.
Since he has achieved all these goals, and is a happy surgeon, his happiness quotient is high.
There's a nursery where the cuteness quotient can be ratcheted up and a camera to snap photos of those special moments.
My system of writing was to type my way through successive drafts until their ungainliness quotient declined.
The number of bushels of shelled corn will be two-thirds of the quotient.
His video spots are always edited tightly to get the maximum laugh quotient.
It could jack up the entertainment quotient, he says.
Intelligence quotient and economic status have nothing to do with anything.
Cramming bold flavors into lean proteins helps with the satisfaction quotient.
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