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Their cabinets are quotidian, their surroundings absolutely ordinary.
Books make us adulterers of the quotidian.
The book opens with a profound essay sparked by the quotidian exercise of cleaning the refrigerator.
This brief work shifts the emphasis toward the concrete and quotidian.
The novel details the quotidian minutiae of Johnny's life to a maddening degree.
These small mysteries celebrate the non-quotidian in their subjects and settings.
The shuttle was supposed to be a reusable truck that would make the business of putting people into orbit quotidian.
After all, his art told people nothing about his quotidian life.
Since then, other researchers have come up with other quotidian examples of event horizons.
With the eyes of a doctor, he recorded the quotidian and the overlooked.
Not since the days when people corresponded daily by letter had the written word carried such freight in quotidian life.
They're destroying the sense of quotidian rhythm by ruining people's ability to sense time spatially.
She turned something as quotidian as office politics and career angling into a grand romance, complete with suffering.
Don't ignore the quotidian: look there for breakthroughs.
When watching the footage, one can imagine his quotidian life before the war changed everything.
One is the precisionist or functional designer who creates typefaces for quotidian public consumption.
There is something in all of us, he recognizes, that fights against the sleep of the quotidian.
Casual illegality was unremarkable and quotidian, a matter of drug use and theft of goods and services, petty things.
Quotidian makes a good point, the financing is all important.
Quotidian, the first half of the upper tank, between the bases are pretty good seats.
It has a large impact on the quotidian life of the patients and it cause important costs for social protection.
His experiments in three dimensional art focused on using quotidian materials.

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