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Catch share programs, in which regional fishery councils divvy up quota shares to fishermen, could help ease this burden.
The new quota will operate on some kind of point system.
In sales you get caught up in trying to tell people how they can make more money and how they can make their quota.
My job was to visit our low-volume customers and see if I could help them meet their quota.
When our quota was increased to 14 trucks a day, we got so tired that at the end we had no energy left to go home.
Lippman spends her mornings drinking latte and writing her quota of 1000 words a day, five days a week.
The quota was met two weeks before the season's scheduled close.
Whereas a given quota could be sold to someone else, the overall total catch could not change.
It could then sell its extra permits to other polluting companies struggling to meet their emissions quota.
Instead, they slashed fisherman's quota's by huge percentages.
He makes us feel the frustration of holding fire because the quota for the season has already been reached.
But do not fear: many avenues exist to fulfill your other-white-meat quota.
In my particular location, it meant the hiring of incompetent people to meet a quota.
And if your quota of weird isn't yet sated, then ponder this: the expansion is accelerating.
My quota for this week was already exceeded, but ah well.
If a daily quota is seen as desirable, it would seem a lot simpler to write about three pages a day, less if one single spaces.
The enrollment advisors definitely have to meet a quota or they are fired.
So, before you pick a fight, consider whether have you fought your quota for the year-or for your career.
There's a quota each day, and sales managers roam the aisles of our cube heaven.
The idea is that a monthly quota can reduce the amount of network congestion during peak hours throughout the month.
My flying quota went from once or twice a year to ten or twelve times a month.
Each examiner has a quarterly quota that must be filled.
They hunt alone or in groups, sometimes using coordinated efforts, and must be successful often to meet their daily intake quota.
By imposing a quota system, they can limit the outflow of beans from producing nations in times of oversupply.
Not fulfilling your daily darkness quota may throw off hormone levels.
But can be done by providing extra privileges, and that is quota.
He should understand better than anyone the likely effect of introducing a quota on people.
Towards the end of his tenure, he abolished the quota system for university places.
Some economists argue that governments should simply set a quota of visas and auction them.
What is more, one of the benefits of owning a taxi license is a higher fuel quota.
These purchases will be subject to a strict quota but still broaden the menu considerably.
Farm prices would be set on the expectation that everyone delivered on quota but could go up or down depending on supply.
Asylum cases count toward the next year's quota for their region.
As long as the number of stolen items in a district is below quota, all is well.
In fact, the quota is often filled on the first day applications are accepted.
Neither party wanted to lose its newly earned quota of judicial power.
During better economic times, that quota filled in days.
Prices include all of the rods, reels and bait you need to catch your daily quota, or you can bring your own gear.
Backpackers choose units based on the quota where applicable, and their own abilities and expectations.
The country's students are up in arms about a new government educational quota policy.
While studios can lobby for their films to be included in that quota, there is no magic formula that guarantees distribution.
Once the quota period for a commodity ends, information for the new period is captured when the report is run.
All non-quota hunting closed during the quota deer hunts in those units open to quota hunting.
No waterfowl hunting is allowed on the refuge except for the quota hunts.
The tobacco industry faces unprecedented change as the quota and price support program is replaced by free-market policies.

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