quizzical in a sentence

Example sentences for quizzical

The fruit attracted some quizzical glances, the rabbi noticed.
After a short, quizzical instrumental introduction, the opera introduces the sisterly wives in an extended quintet.
He was playing one of his tenderly quizzical ballad lines on alto saxophone when he toppled suddenly to the stage.
When he started patrolling the campus this fall, he said he got a lot of quizzical stares from students and faculty alike.
Onstage, he was a wily savant, quizzical and wide-eyed but not naive.
She tells quizzical stories of her life and limberness as a streetwalker.
If you have, you probably engendered some quizzical, even suspicious looks.
Chen stood to one side, a quizzical expression on his face.
It is another one of those quizzical, only-in-golf mysteries.
The immensely popular band with the quizzical name is in town to do its thing, and it's free.
Junior looked at an upside down world with a quizzical expression.
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