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Example sentences for quiz

Each day the quiz asks one trivia question about the war.
Take a chemistry quiz in which you have to match chemical elements to the products in which they are found.
The challenge and the novelty of making up a quiz for my father were irresistible.
The quiz papers were unnumbered and thus appeared to be untraceable, and were thrown away at the end of the study.
Here it is, the third and final quiz in our contest.
Now read this post carefully, because there will be a quiz at the end.
Take our personality quiz and find the outdoor space for you more.
Before you see the correct answers below, you can go take the quiz.
To find out your attachment style and that of your partner, and to learn how compatible you are, take our attachment quiz.
If they run out of money before you complete the quiz you get nothing.
Applicants called in for an interview will likely be asked to complete a diagnostic editing quiz.
To find out your attachment style--or that of your partner--they also have a quiz on their website.
Lessons are followed by a short quiz or puzzle to reinforce learning.
The audience was also treated to a space show, a quiz and a lecture from a space expert.
Also, test your science knowledge with our current events quiz.
Also within the study was a quiz for the general public on basic science knowledge.
Also, test your knowledge about current events in science with our quiz.
Take our quiz featuring sites that were never started, never finished, or are still undergoing construction.
Also, beer with us while you listen to our current events quiz.
We're now having a pop quiz over the last hour's lecture.
The program tracks this new decline and waits longer to quiz you the next time.
Students of mine from that era still talk about that quiz.
The software can also quickly quiz students to gauge whether they're understanding the lesson.
He was informed later that the students themselves chastised the chatters because they had caused the additional quiz.
Give them a slide quiz early so they know what you're expecting.
Create your own puzzles for enjoyment's sake or to quiz others.
Quiz and discussion demonstrate students have done reading.
Most of the quiz questions are meant to help students focus on and make some sense of key concepts from the textbook section.
Oh, wait, there's also my favorite read-this-chapter-take-this-quiz method.
Instead he pulled out a paperback world almanac from his knapsack and asked her to quiz him.
Last week you scored sixty-one per cent, on average, on the quiz.
Now a quiz is set to test you and your memory of the memes.
Before your impulsive buy, here's a pop quiz, hotshot.
Psychologists asked volunteers to imagine they and a partner would compete together in a trivia quiz.
Take this quiz to learn more about salt and your health.
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