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Example sentences for quixotic

Going to war against an ideology is quixotic.
She is a quixotic mixture of illusion and reality.
But his core modus operandi - endowing research into the reconciliation of science and religion - seems quixotic.
Her description of the course of her condition is both delightfully quixotic and terribly sad.
Good luck on your noble but quixotic crusade.
I'm not sure her quest is heroic or quixotic, personally, but it does have a sort of 'I did it my way' appeal.
Page is a reflexive champion of big-sometimes quixotic-ideas.
Going up against the rest of the car industry may seem quixotic.
When he did get around to selling himself, his ideas often sounded quixotic.
When he did get around to talking about his own ideas, they seemed quixotic.
Their quixotic run for it climaxed in a shoot-out with police.
It's probably a quixotic effort, but it is nevertheless touchingly valiant.
These quixotic visions have yet to be realized, but could become tractable given a low-cost phased array solution.
It is not quixotic in terms of having someone come up with a definition, but it responds to the research that is being done.

Famous quotes containing the word quixotic

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