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Example sentences for quivering

If the tremor affects the voice box, you may have a shaking or quivering sound to your voice.
Wood had the quivering intensity and speed of a greyhound himself, and the same lean, long-limbed physique.
At the dock two fishermen leaped from their boat and placed the quivering fish in a wooden litter.
Making it to this day of the week, our hearts are finally quivering with enjoyment.
He held his breath and waited, and presently the lovely tones died into quivering silence.
And his voice has a stuffy-nosed earnestness, quivering as he seems to blurt out exactly what's on his mind.
She tried to hide her nervousness, but her quivering lips kept her from performing with sensitivity and nuance.
Stillness, however, is losing ground to my quivering spine.
Atrial fibrillation is a rapid quivering beat in the upper chambers of the heart.
He looped around to show her his best courtship maneuvers, bobbing his head, quivering his neck.
Such devices shock a quivering heart back to a normal beat.
Showing a foot stepping on a bleeding, quivering corpse is more characteristic of the film's violence.
Long-tailed weasels eat animal food entirely, preferring their prey alive and quivering.
Some artists regard space as quivering or ambiguous, not as homogeneous or stable.
If you hike into one's territory, it may scold you with a shrill cry and quivering tail.
In no time, he had the speedometer needle quivering between eighty and ninety.

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