quirky in a sentence

Example sentences for quirky

She is not just quirky for the sake of being quirky.
He was a scientist with a brilliant mind and a quirky sense of humor.
She's this quirky woman with a quirky look.
He was undoubtedly at heart a quirky kind of idealist, who seldom found an opportunity to realize his ideals in practice.
His plan is undeniably quirky.
The novel is astonishing for its quirky vitality.
Sometimes the most ill-fitting, quirky themes make for the most enjoyable games.
Her quirky, off-kilter remarks inevitably got laughs and endeared audiences.
She's long been known for her quirky and moving autobiographical tales.
Several well-established eateries along the way offer hearty meals, quirky specialties, and plenty of local color.
Situated inside a record store, the quirky eatery has red vinyl booths and a hanging fridge door covered in stickers.
Pick up orchids potted with branches and mosses, lots and lots of succulents, and quirky garden decor.
It's especially interesting when the place is full of strange and quirky stuff.
Those quirky, bendy straws that make the satisfying crunching sound when flexed.
But, as much as it breaks my heart to have to tell you this, magic isn't behind the toy's quirky properties.
In conversation, this is quirky and funny, but on the blog her clowning can sometimes read as shtick.
He or she will be decided through the quirky process of state primaries and caucuses.
His speech can be quirky, almost foreign, and he mimics people uncontrollably.
The auction's lots range from the quirky to the awe inspiring to the slightly macabre.
Every page of this quirky compendium catalogs something fascinating, surprising, or serendipitous.
Some of my favorites photographs are of the quirky street art encountered when exploring new locations.
Quirky and charming brownstone with loads of period details and modern goodies.
Be sure to check out the racks at some of our quirky independent bookstores.
Don't miss the art gallery in the back, where there is often a quirky rarity on display.
But it is quirky proclivities combined with the sweat that creates the innovations around which successful businesses are formed.
And it shows how this quirky gray market hardware is leaving so many companies and federal agents running scared.
Some of these quirky designs were ahead of their time, she says.
As usual, the productions in the top spots are creative, quirky and have great entertainment value.
They are quirky and great, and really fun role models.
Mitt now claims it was right for our quirky state but not for the nation.
It shows with such winsomeness this quirky aspect of his genius.
Safety and quirky technology have always been features.
The idea of playing around with technology in such a way might appear quirky, even superfluous.
She wrote about them constantly, minutely observing their quirky behaviour, but never for its sake alone.
One reason why open source is proving so successful is because its processes are not as quirky as they may first seem.
Fly geneticists have been renowned-and chastised-for their fondness for quirky names.
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