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In a timely flash, the perfect quip or barb forms in the mind and rolls onto the tongue.
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, which is a favorite quip of scientists.
But there's a nugget of real humor to be mined from his quip.
One may quip that the body has finally got its chance to take its revenge on the philosophers.
The price paid in faith in humanity isn't worth getting this one quip.
Still, she concedes that the quip could reasonably be considered the world's first recorded joke.
McLuhan preferred to make his rebuttals in the form of a quip.
Blithely sardonic, she is always ready with the clever quip.
Yet his statement's closing quip makes it clear that his choice of item was carefully attuned to its moment.
My modest contribution to the revolution was a quip.
Linguists quip that a dialect is a language without an army and a navy to enforce its status.
Your quip in an earlier article about guns and the decline of hunting licence holders is another conveniently misleading mistake.
Admiration for the quickness of a spoken quip, somewhat mitigates its cruelty.
But none could match his mastery of the earthy story and off-color quip.

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He will watch you while you work, and always has a good word to say or a quip to snap at you to keep you ch... more
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