quietude in a sentence

Example sentences for quietude

The lake and the picturesque and historic village never looked more inviting to the seeker of rest and quietude than now.
Only those who court quietude catch its rewards of ideas and imagination.
The stranger had entered the room with the characteristic quietude of the profession to which he announced himself as belonging.
Her face, so long familiar to the townspeople, showed the marble quietude which they were accustomed to behold there.
The realist position, however, is not necessarily a position of quietude.
Visitors enjoy the park's quietude, views and extensive hiking trails that range from easy to challenging.
Her presence offers those who are suffering healing, peace and quietude.
We are committed to traffic calming measures in our neighborhoods so that their quietude and safety will be enhanced.
Quietude sometimes allowed you to hear the distant howl of coyotes at night.
She eat in outward quietude, her head averted, her thoughts tumultuous.
But this state of unwonted and happy quietude was of brief duration.

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