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Tea, with its subtle aromas and attendant soothing rituals, has slipped quietly into our daily lives.
She's spent the day with me in my office, quietly sitting in the box.
By semester's end, he had quietly vanished from the university.
Little attention, however, has been given to restrictions quietly imposed on the work of law clinics by their own administrators.
Higher-ed leaders certainly complain, quietly, that it does.
Of course, my more intimate colleagues would quietly say, this must be an unplanned pregnancy.
Such offenses are common and can usually be dealt with quietly between the faculty member and his or her chair.
Up to a dozen tenured faculty have been quietly terminated from their positions.
Students were asked to think quietly by themselves for one minute, then vote using clickers.
One could laugh quietly to oneself all the way to the unemployment line.
Almost all of them are quietly hoping they won't throw up.
Hansen is part of a community that is quietly blossoming.
Until fairly recently, the medium seemed a cold, static reservoir of gas quietly waiting to condense into stars.
In the past couple of years speech-recognition software has quietly grown tendrils into every corner of our lives.
Even when you sit quietly doing nothing, your brain bustles with activity.
In the dark, the receptors quietly sit there, with no discernible effect on their host cells.
But five days before the ban was set to take effect, the agency quietly reversed its position.
So the fence was taken down and the whole thing quietly forgotten.
It is the price they quietly shoulder, and the determined will pick themselves up and try again and again.
Or perhaps an airborne virus that quietly spreads among humans that simply sterilizes everyone.
Quietly revolutionizing the theater community with her exploration of concepts of plagiarism in modern drama.
My sharp-eyed companions pointed out barracuda and a nurse shark, lying quietly in the shallows.
And shifting sands have quietly buried some items forever.
We lingered at the rim for a couple of hours, talking quietly and shaking our heads at the immensity before us.
For half an hour they sit quietly and watch the party, then rise for their first dance, again surrounded by candles.
The remaining structure stands quietly near a stone bridge, among sheep, its power yielded to a more secular world.
The door to the outside world had been quietly unlocked.
When he finished his speech, he stood quietly and hugged his daughters.
He published quietly, in an in-house volume, hardly suspecting that he had discovered a new angle on the ancient world.
The bats hear the sound of the animals quietly breathing.
Some of the animals hung around long enough for me to sit quietly and observe them.
They lie quietly, waiting for the right animal to wander by.
If you are carrying fish or other catches, release the catch and quietly leave the area.
Ask students to quietly observe their candies and to think of similarities and differences between them.
Establishing stations was done quietly, by word-of-mouth.
With that kind of money at stake, fishermen are not going to back out of this reserve quietly.
Royal wives before her had existed quietly in the background.
They settled themselves beside us, quietly chatting amongst each other as they began to embroider and sew.
The bearers of the coffin walk quietly around to inconspicuous stations on a side aisle.
These are censures merely relative, and must be quietly endured.
He also declared for stile in place of style, and for many other such changes, and then quietly abandoned them.
Before he had finished his sentence the door, which neither of us then was touching, opened quietly of itself.
Nintendo is quietly testing it for use as a museum guide and an educational tool.
Indeed the euro zone's economy was quietly expanding.
But while technology companies are making all the noise, old-media firms are quietly steering the market.
The deals known to have been pulled pale beside the number quietly delayed.
Kidneys are the subject of a quietly growing global drama.
Reform-minded officials may take this as a green light to carry on quietly privatising other state-run enterprises, albeit slowly.
Yet substantial changes are quietly taking place, a few of which have already borne fruit.
Reliance rarely develops its new ventures quietly, so rumours and leaks about its plans have sparked a chain reaction.
It was a place where things happened quietly, but explosively.
Each fall since then has seen the launch of a new version of the hardware, and each has seen it quietly fade into obscurity.
No longer do they stay quietly in their bulging neighborhoods, out of everyone's way but their own.
The two of them would quietly sail away to safer shores.
He entered a building as though he belonged there, strolled down a hallway, and let himself quietly into a windowless room.
The film is quietly funny, quietly moving, with an honest and unmanipulated feel.
And they they'd talk for a while, quietly, catching up on things.
Other food directors aren't taking no for an answer either, and are quietly making real progress.
He speaks so quietly that my voice recorder gave up and turned itself off.
But, of course, the way to win concessions from obstructionist opponents isn't to sound them out quietly.
The cellar of the house is only a pit fringed with junipers now, and the two skirt the junipers quietly.
Still, medical researchers quietly pressed ahead, and their efforts may soon pay off.
Since then, he says they have encased the engine to make it run more quietly.
Everybody quietly steps around it and keeps publishing more theory that does not have empirical validity.
They could have quietly and officially limited his security clearance to certain projects at certain levels.
It'd be sweet for riding quietly through the woods on trails or logging roads or whatever.
He could work quietly on his own without trying to keep abreast of current developments elsewhere.
Afflicted individual turned off set, tried to rest quietly.
Amid the appreciation for the attention the world is paying their country is a quietly growing sense of apprehension.
She slides the bolt quietly into the chamber, locking the door.
Normally this in-house antibiotic quietly dispatches bacteria that enter the lungs.
Doctors often have the habit of quietly diagnosing the ailments of people they see walking down the street.
Now researchers have found that protection against this cancer may be floating quietly in that sea.
Quietly he changed into a swimsuit and went back to the river to immerse himself and cool his body.
No one complained when, after a while, he quietly took up cosmology again.
They elected to quietly drop such a family from the series, without telling the subjects.
The roach creeps obediently inside and sits there quietly as the wasp lays her egg on its underside.
They would rather take a shot in the dark than to quietly die without a fight.
But he's quietly approaching his fifth term of office.
Sit with them in a social situation and they're quietly reflective.
Comedy writers, and comedy clich├ęs, don't always go quietly.
Some true believers will speak up even when a reporter is quietly minding his own business.
We all chuckle quietly, beginning to bond over being thrown together into this extraordinary pressure cooker.
Now he simply put his head down and worked quietly to win the confidence of the members.
He keeps in close touch with old friends from high school and quietly shows up for important occasions.
In the memories of his friends, he appears rather shy and reserved and quietly likable.
What happens quietly: someone's dropping from exhaustion.
These quietly eloquent hands express every imaginable form of mourning.
But the balance between humans and microbes has been quietly shifting for years.
When the perfectly camouflaged wood frog is sitting quietly among dead oak and maple leaves, it is nearly invisible.
They may show up in backyards, even in the city, to quietly perch and rest for the day.
If they start to look in your direction and fidget, you are much too close and should quietly back away.
When possible, get away from roadsides and sit quietly to observe and listen for wildlife.
Please help us minimize disturbance to plants and wildlife by moving lightly and quietly through the area.

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