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Others take a quiet approach and simply confront the animals with a silent stare.
Windmills-clean, quiet, simple and endlessly renewable-may be the ultimate icons of green energy.
Action with explosive sound effects, as well as drama with quiet orchestration.
After a few seconds of quiet, the researchers cued up the next sound and the process began again.
It's so peaceful, quiet, and conducive to good thinking time away from production mode.
These examples of quiet, calm behaviour are incredibly different from previous anecdotes.
It's a quiet, peaceful, unusually warm fall morning for Maine's central coast.
Nearly everyone is gone, and the halls are quiet.
It's such a quiet Sunday afternoon.
With the economic disasters, this job season feels terribly quiet.
Summers are supposed to be quiet in the publishing industry.
As spring inches closer, I have this sense of urgency, of quiet desperation.
You're longing for a quiet country drive.
Stay quiet, and you may also hear the hoots and chest-beating drum of a mountain gorilla.
Reba is quiet and self-contained, and she squirms whenever her sister hugs her in public or tells her that she loves her.
Peace and quiet is the solstice for the soul.
We put an airlock on the fermentation vessel, covered it with a tablecloth, and put it in a quiet corner.
The museum offers a serene setting for quiet reflection and learning.
Let's face it, though-this is not a product for those for whom a book is an experience in quiet immersion.
Even in some residential neighborhoods that are partly occupied, things are quiet.
About a century after the trout, another nonnative species arrived in these quiet waters: the ski boat, so help us.
The trawler was chugging over a still sea, and the night was hypnotically quiet.
Now, three of the four chambers are empty and quiet, shut down after the last of their bats died last month.
The next installment in the quiet exploits of the best fictional vet around.
Maybe you've even tried to close your eyes and simply breathe for one minute, but your anxious internal voice wouldn't quiet down.
We kept quiet about the turn of events and tried to patch things up with the professor as much as possible.
We extol critical thinking but wince to make room for a quiet period to allow it entrance.
At department and committee meetings, try to be quiet.
But the quiet leader may feel, ethically, that he wants to be careful about what he tells you.
Whether it's consciously or unconsciously, higher-education systems often work to keep contingent faculty members quiet.
The home must be a place of refuge, quiet, and complete acceptance.
But the professor used to be a larger-than-life figure on whom the smitten student nurtured a quiet crush.
Juan was a quiet guy who didn't mingle with the rest of the graduate students.
They will simply have to sit down and be quiet and learn.
And departments are breath-takingly quiet on the subject of employment prospects.
These fashions come and go, but the quiet reader is undisturbed.
It's the quiet heroines, though, who give the album its distinction.
Proponents of wind energy say that it is an emission-free, quiet, and renewable source of energy.
They appear so small and delicate growing in a quiet pond.
In situations that are active and thrilling, surprisingly quiet moments can take place.
Tour operators say they expect the spring, traditionally their low season, to be quiet.
Her cries are the only sounds to interrupt the otherwise quiet countryside.
The first night, the sleepers were treated to quiet conditions.
The city's walled old center is woven with quiet, narrow lanes.
The team looked at data for four regions on the sun that eventually became active and nine regions that stayed quiet.
After they said this, they were quiet, for they were troubled.
Think twice the next time you call someone as quiet as a mouse-the rodents are actually sophisticated singers, a new study says.
After a moment of stunned quiet, tourists at the site busily snap pictures with cameras and cell phones.
Its quiet electric motor means it can get near to targets without their ever being aware of its presence.
But the problem with his quiet, prosperous family life is that it's boring.
Quick, clean and quiet, small bikes and electric bikes are the future.
Presumably this means that they'll be fast and quiet for video shooting.
Managed energy consumption means cool, quiet operation.
Many are living well within their means, have extra money and live quiet and rewarding lives.
In the past few decades, however, group selection has made a quiet comeback among evolutionary theorists.
Yet this quiet stage of infection, called toxoplasmosis, is deceptive.
In a quiet, darkened lecture room, you begin a frustrating fight against fatigue.
Some farmers with a lot of pigs keep them quiet by playing music.
Overall, areas around noisy compression stations had one third fewer birds than quiet sites.
The house has a gravel driveway and landscaped gardens, providing guests with privacy and quiet during their stay.
The car is absurdly quiet, handles well and has an abundance of power.
It is a quiet crisis that argues for new approaches.
The quiet wedding comes on the heels of the stars' previous high-profile relationships.
My brother was quiet and reserved, yet struggled to fit in.
The hill became steep for the quiet old father, and with the boys away there was little to do in the valley.
The debate for more bank capital has become pretty quiet over the past several years.
All that is known is that, while everyone kept quiet, more than a hundred thousand people died.
The family has a quiet and apparently idyllic domestic life.
She didn't call for extra blankets or crushed ice or quiet.
She found some comfort in taking last week's celebration out of the house, some quiet reverie he could not find for himself.
People constantly formed crowds to look at us, but kept their distance and stayed quiet.
Four or five anecdotes diverted quiet sniffles into loud, grateful laughter.
She had two good, quiet years in which she began rebuilding her life.
The vast newsroom was quiet-the place does not really come alive until about ten-thirty-but there was a hint of apprehension.
It, too, is a work of an amazingly precise and thoughtful serenity while evoking the quiet outrage of reason abused.
We chose a quiet dip between two hills, a spot where drivers were almost required to skid out of control.
For the past ten years or so, however, the cities of the book have been anything but quiet.
It was quiet without the usual throng of browsing tourists.
In the surprise and the quiet, it was possible to experience these overwhelming works as a kind of private discovery.
It was a quiet, undemanding job, intended to allow him to decompress from combat.
The hall was nearly full, but the audience was amazingly quiet and attentive.
It is also a warning that she too should keep quiet.
They are clean, quiet and provide nippy performance.
It is a quiet spot, nestled in a valley at the end of a railway line.
Dropping a buy-back programme can be done on the quiet.
It was quiet and well-maintained with a great menu, and while there were always people there, there was also always a free seat.
Rio denies all the charges but has otherwise kept quiet since the arrests.
The three main secular parties in the ruling coalition have kept quiet.
The news was kept quiet for more than three weeks, ostensibly so as not to obstruct his recapture.
The city's outer suburbs are eerily quiet, thanks to the preponderance of unsold and foreclosed homes.
There followed news of other such cases, and of incidents where wrestlers paid blackmail to yakuza to keep their sins quiet.
The two sides have reached quiet deals involving joint approval of candidates.
Amid all of this, though, shareholders remain oddly quiet.
And maybe they'll learn how to bring a little quiet into their lives again.
The board stayed quiet publicly, but sources say its members were upset.
But what started out as a quiet four-round professional debut ultimately took on the histrionics of bad theater.
And all those other disgruntled retired generals presumably waiting in the wings stayed quiet.
Scientists had previously remarked that tarsiers were unusually quiet.
His family's sprawling block house stood in a quiet field of mango and banana trees.
The last cycle waned a few years back, and our nearest star has been pretty quiet.
All the while, her quiet achievements continued to break boundaries.
But some fire faster than others, and so at any moment some are active and some are quiet.
Even though it will look quiet out there, you will know that it is a hive of activity and work.
So he asked two trusted members of his staff to mount a quiet investigation.
The networks hesitated to step on the quiet with commentary.
And that could destabilize a country bent on a quiet, stable rise.
But for all that, the border between the two countries remains mostly quiet.
If the scene hasn't yielded the moment yet, we'll stay quiet and wait.
Also, it's unlikely to quiet critics who complain that too much emphasis is put on a single number.
The result was a five-decade career characterized by quiet buildings and a strong social conscience.

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