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Example sentences for quicksand

Ruthless, perhaps, but on the tenure track you can't afford to stop for a dip in pools of quicksand.
The pipe sinks into the quicksand, which eventually compacts, leaving no trace of the buried pipe.
In the past year, however, the middle ground has begun to resemble quicksand.
If stumbling into quicksand ranks on your list of worries, don't panic.
With a swift current and quicksand in spots, it can be difficult to navigate.
Eventually his innocence is established and the husband dies when he sinks into a bed of quicksand.
One by one, the intrepid hunters are killed off by quicksand, stock-footage dinosaurs and other such impediments to progress.
Giving a transformational presidential speech while trapped in politically toxic quicksand is no easy task.
Beneath the surface crust, which is comparatively shallow, lies a quagmire of quicksand.
Disembarking a boat in these areas can be dangerous as the muddy lake floor can act as quicksand.
As they came out of the water they walked into quicksand.
Quicksand is a possibility, especially early in the spring, or after summer rains.

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