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When you go to a fast-food restaurant, you expect to get your fries quickly.
Instead, the length of some courses will be based on how quickly students can master the subject, he said.
The new findings could boost hopes for species whose habitats are quickly changing due to climate change, experts say.
The researchers contend that the adult brain is thus more changeable more quickly than anyone thought.
Hunt suspected that humans alone could not destroy the forests this quickly.
Boned thighs soak up a coconut marinade and cook quickly on the grill.
In exchange, she said, universities need to push students to do better to earn their degrees more quickly.
There is also the question of how quickly such a link could be built.
Without trees to fill these roles, many former forest lands can quickly become barren deserts.
If you're trying to convince your boss to let you telecommute, you quickly run into a data problem.
Bake these thick cookies for a shorter time at a high temperature to firm them quickly and minimize spreading.
They're showing all the signs of refusing to cooperate or choose an obvious side so as to let you go through quickly.
Flexibility and ability to quickly solve problems is necessary.
The new prime minister has quickly put his stamp on government.
The lobsters also quickly spit out opaline-laced shrimp.
The materials that were better heat conductors would melt the butter more quickly.
If borrowers earn a lot, their payments rise accordingly, and their loans are retired quickly.
Today's phoney war could quickly turn into a real dogfight.
Those postal covers were sold a couple of months after the flight and quickly became public knowledge.
The pressure's on to find ways to create popular dishes quickly and easily at home.
Virtually anything that caused stress disoriented them, and they quickly descended into pre-meltdown conditions.
Evidence from past deep recessions suggests that unemployment is unlikely to fall as quickly as it has risen.
The results also show how quickly physical adaptations can be reversed when interbreeding occurs between distinct populations.
For people who suffer from debilitating migraine headaches, advances toward alleviating their agony can't come quickly enough.
The resulting hybrid matures more quickly than a purebred plains spadefoot, boosting survival, but it is less fertile-a trade-off.
There's nothing wrong with absorbing information quickly and in bits and pieces.
Students are also tested on their ability to quickly scan and identify a list of internal organs.
When its people recognise a challenge and agree on a solution, they often act quickly and in unison.
Conflicts were resolved quickly and in a manner perceived as fair by the students.
As in those jobs, they are occasionally called on to move quickly.
Flowers dry up quickly in hot weather more add to my plant list enlarge.
Getting under-developed countries wired as quickly as possible isn't so easy, and maybe isn't desirable.
They have the financial clout to venture abroad, and seem inclined to do so quickly.
Unlike fossil fuels derived from crude oil, biofuels are organic sources of energy that replenish naturally and quickly.
The situation quickly led to questions about why this company failed.
Maiden serves his corn bread with a quickly vanishing lump of butter sweetened with sorghum syrup.
Though ground covers are tough, they'll grow and spread more quickly if you prepare the planting area carefully.
Multiply that by a number of different applications and you can see how this problem gets out of hand quickly.
Mind maps allow you to gather, manage, and share a wide variety of information and resources quickly and easily.
Or take the biggest point in the government's favour: that it has not printed money as quickly and eagerly as at first feared.
Scientists are already seeing some of these changes occurring more quickly than they had expected.
He did, and the resulting photograph was quickly on its way to being published worldwide.
Seeds germinate quickly and plants grow with little fuss.
The snag with all these ideas is that the data are not widely and quickly available.
The sound is produced when it quickly closes the claw.
Elephants quickly learned to cooperate as a pair on a task that brought them a food reward.
Others quickly jumped in with their own preferred visions of prehistoric life.
Turn the palm of your throwing hand toward you, then quickly twist your hand outward and up to launch the dough into the air.
It's used to aerate red wines to quickly improve its character.
But any temptation to brag about successes should quickly be tempered by humility over two things.
The gradient of the river-how quickly it drops-helps define the steepness of the sides and the width of the floor.
They quickly make themselves dependent on canes or wheelchairs.
Starting at the tip, peel leaf quickly away from chocolate.
Calls to crowdsource spy drones and combat vehicles quickly followed.
Unfortunately, many cities are failing to provide such services to their quickly growing populations, observers say.
Other research has looked at the effect of music on how much and how quickly people eat.
Once established, these plants are highly drought tolerant, but quickly adapt to regular lawn watering.
As quickly as gadgets evolve, their knockoffs do, too.
Composting occurs quickly in piles that reach high temperatures.
Tends toward multiple trunks and excessive bushiness but responds quickly to pruning.
Pure hydrazine is unstable in air and quickly decomposes, generally within minutes to hours.
At first, it seemed a clever gimmick, the kind of thing that is fun for a while but quickly becomes tiresome.
It cooks quickly and is a lean source of protein and iron.
Small enough to fit almost anywhere, adding a blast of color quickly.
But the evaporating oil also created tiny particles known as aerosols, which don't disappear so quickly.
Your family and friends will wake up quickly after getting a whiff of these fluffy pancakes.
For example, some galaxies are stretched as they quickly slide past each other.
Many asters aren't good vase candidates because they wilt too quickly when cut.
Arugula grows quickly and flourishes in cool weather.
The news media quickly reported our respective salaries as items that were strike-worthy from the state's budget.
But it was quickly apparent to me how many paintings and sculptures had been ripped or shattered.
The search committee encouraged me to quickly resubmit a letter of intent for the chairmanship.
Only a few candidates have slid downwards so quickly in popular estimation.
Floating homes and boats could quickly provide earthquake proof homes.
Withstands neglect and poor light but responds quickly to better light, regular watering and fertilizing add to my plant list.
The capsule quickly sank and those remaining inside died.
But the value of its nonlinear approach quickly becomes clear.
We're quickly headed toward a future in which college students will either be super achievers or unprepared for the workplace.
Although they tend to be short lived, they grow quickly and put on a good show.
It's a box in which all your notifications are shown, letting you quickly check on what has happened since you last looked.
With a hand on each manuscript, eyes darting back and forth, he quickly scans the pages.
Its initial promise quickly got a cold shower of real life in the developing world.
Technology moves quickly but the number of manufacturers remains small.
Great idea that should be ushered in quickly and then work out the kinks.
They quickly channel water, and anyone caught in the current, away from shore.
Rain really beats down pansy flowers, but violas bounce back quickly.
However, such systems might never be sensitive enough to uncover small leaks quickly.
They're currently pushing to cycle folks through the program more quickly.
Although there is no shortage of companies for sale, consolidation is unlikely to happen quickly.
Hut-to-hut travel is quickly becoming a favorite among the peculiar species known as mountain bikers.
The ability to retrieve memories quickly also slides.
His professional life revolved around developing new ways to share information easily and quickly.
They quickly embraced low-water gardening practices.
Such plasticity allows the birds to respond quickly to climate change.
As these come and go, the air can become almost still and then quickly speed up in gusts.
The two sides were quickly able to find a middle ground.
Brewer quickly exited the commerce meeting without answering questions.
But, all of the dry ice in the world would be quickly absorbed in a small part of the ocean near a hurricane.
As you can see in the graphic above, when one bucket tips, the other bucket quickly moves into place to catch the rain.
If the economy grows quickly enough, tax revenues can rise faster than spending.
We would live longer, healthier lives and then die quickly.
Rustout can be particularly acute in careers where technology changes quickly and constantly.
Now comes a study finding that it's possible to increase the brain's gray matter quite quickly-in only a matter of days.
But if you try to talk to him, it will quickly become obvious that something is seriously wrong.
Currently, pipeline leaks are the main culprit, but fracking is a quickly growing contributor.
In spite of the startling nature of the epidemic, science responded quickly.
The tactile pleasure the interface provides beyond its utility quickly brought it accolades.
How quickly bread goes stale depends on what ingredients are in it, how it was baked, and the storage conditions.
In fact, the nature reserve has degraded even more quickly than the unprotected land surrounding it.
Researchers speculated that, for the disease to spread so far so quickly, birds must have helped.
These expeditions aim to quickly register the flora and fauna in order to inform conservation decisions.
The addition of water quickly resuscitates these cells.
Genetic testing will expand quickly and soon, adding highly targeted data to people's medical records.
These quickly engulfed the flies and could not be cleaned off by normal grooming behavior, killing them within six hours.
The discovery quickly led to predictions that a preventive vaccine would soon be on tap.
And they asked the students to type those words as quickly and accurately as possible.
The subjects were instructed to do their best to navigate through the maze as quickly as possible.
The more bubbles, the more efficiently and quickly the water boils.
Now it's time to decide, sometimes rather quickly, whether to accept.
The reader is able then to see immediately the footnote and gain that info quickly instead of having to turn back in pages.
Most journals have quickly acknowledged receipt and told me they would send it out to reviewers.
The best thing to do is to turn them down quickly, so they can make an offer to their next candidate.
They can be taken slowly or quickly, they can be big or small, as time and energy permit.
Also, they are putting out a lot of books quickly, which might mean some of poor quality.
Soccer, rowing, and cross-country are also growing quickly.
They will quickly tell you who is responsible and you can take disciplinary action accordingly.
Criminal cases get pushed through relatively quickly, whereas litigation can take years.
Hundreds of authors and works are quickly accessible to all the pages on which they appear.
Small multipolar cell, in which the axon quickly divides into numerous branches.
If he is a traitor he can not so quickly deliver his army to the enemy.
The language is ready, or can be quickly made ready, to define the artist's individuality.
But his doctrines seem to have been quickly distorted.
However he quickly spread-eagled before hitting the water and wouldn't fit into the pot.
They do automatic writing, almost-they write so quickly.
The influenza virus mutates so quickly that last year's vaccination is usually ineffective against this year's bug.
As a result, lakes and streams quickly became acidic, killing fish and other aquatic animals.
The robot processed those images and quickly discerned that some pictures-usually those taken when it heard a response.
The words will shimmer on the screen, but the sentences will be quickly forgotten.
Blaster quickly compromised hundreds of thousands of machines, making it one of the fastest-spreading pieces of malware ever.
The silicone evaporates quickly and helps spread the active ingredient.
What follows is a comparison of the two in use, consisting of the first impressions that will quickly fade from memory.
As you highlight movies, their descriptions and larger box images quickly pop up on the upper screen.
Despite their bulk, they are nimble and can jump or change direction quickly.
The human body is three times denser than avalanche debris and will sink quickly.
But the toads began snapping up other bugs instead and quickly started competing with and beating out native insect-eaters.
The movie was widely panned by critics and seems to have quickly slipped out of theaters.
The animals reproduce quickly, though populations typically recede during fall and winter months.
Always, the focus is on engaging your subject and working-often quickly-to get the best shots.
Instead the discovery was quickly engulfed in the turbulent waters of religion and politics.
If you can't stifle a cough or sneeze in a tissue quickly enough, sneeze into the crook of your elbow.
Cable and satellite television are growing quickly, supplying more channels to more people across the world.
In practice, however, allowing prices to rise more quickly has costs as well as benefits.
The change in direction is welcome but will not work wonders quickly.
They said that would be impossible, but offered to remove objectionable content quickly once published.
It saves the tongue the work of moving backwards quickly and precisely.
And advertising has migrated online more quickly than elsewhere.
Defence spending can indeed be trimmed-but less quickly and deeply than that of many other departments.
The code for new financial products has to be developed quickly.
As a result governments are reluctant to cut the deficit too quickly for fear of sending their economies back into recession.
It provides more calories, more quickly, using less land and in a wider range of climates than any other plant.
Some act as part of the immune system's memory, so that it can respond quickly to the recurrence of an infection.
With its journalists freshly trained in the use of such material, theory was quickly put into practice.
All of our troops stationed abroad quickly run out of electricity or fuel.
If given enough leeway, they quickly become shrewd managers of their own finances.
Both historians were quickly buried under an avalanche of criticism.
As they wilt the bases of the flowers bulge at the stems and quickly burgeon into squash.
The trial is short, and the execution is carried out efficiently and quickly.
But he quickly dropped out to apprentice under great chefs in working restaurants.
They learn that to solve any kind of interpersonal problem one must quickly resort to hitting or other violent behavior.
Some malware is designed to damage or destroy your computer, so once you get the infection, you quickly know it.
By inspecting a finished index of many such articles, an expert can quickly tell which items will interest him.
And neither biologists nor anyone else can yet explain how starlings seem to process information and act on it so quickly.
They need to get things under control as quickly as possible, appealing for foreign help if need be.
When many borrowers were unable to pay their mortgages, the securities backed by the mortgages quickly lost value.
Because the fruit spoils quickly, the families scaled back their gifting over time to a sole apple.
Quickly toss to coat the onion in oil, then turn the heat down to low or medium-low, and let it ride.
He looked quickly around before setting his case down on the small table next to the couch.
With your dominant hand, as quickly as you can, snap your fingers five times.
He awakens one last time, but this reality quickly merges with the dream.
Perhaps the stage theory of grief caught on so quickly because it made loss sound controllable.
The telephone, though it became popular with consumers relatively quickly, was first used principally as a business tool.
Most were quickly diffused, and many were highly enjoyable.
And since everyone in your position also thinks he deserves a huge sum, the venture quickly becomes unviable.
It quickly infected them all, offering the first evidence that the broken parts could once again be made infectious.
What is striking is how quickly the reaction of the rebels turned to anger at us.
Autism research is progressing quickly, but without a solid diagnosis, some still blame vaccines.
If the tail simply moved rhythmically back and forth, predators would quickly recognize a pattern and realize they'd been duped.
On land, old drive lanes would be quickly disrupted and become unrecognizable.
Word spread quickly and the invitation list ballooned.
But it was possible to fall quickly, devolving from a state to a tribe without hitting intermediate levels on the way down.
If one method doesn't work, you can quickly switch to another.
The football players had to press a key as quickly as possible if the word matched its color.
Then, using sophisticated software, researchers can quickly sort the information in order to pull out the data they really need.
Cows walk onto a conveyor belt where they are quickly killed by a six-inch bolt shot into the head.
Antibiotics may prolong life, but the drugs often fail to cure the infection because the bacteria quickly develop drug resistance.
With muscles and limbs on both sides of their bodies, animals could move forward quickly and efficiently.
The fires didn't happen so quickly that they eradicated him, nor were they so infrequent that conifers had time to replace him.
They quickly exhausted their little remaining food, then killed and ate their pack animals.
And, unlike others who'd begged off, he was ambitious and self-confident enough to think he could do the job quickly.
She went through the lobby the way a shark goes through the ocean, quickly and smoothly.
Those that did not disappeared but were quickly replaced.
The studio mind-set quickly proved anathema to the indie business, however.
Those games are all about hand-eye coordination and how quickly can you get them before they get you.
He tires of them quickly, tending to change vehicles every few months.
It had been forced open by police, but then quickly closed.
No madman in a hooded jacket, the authorities quickly realized, would ever be found.
The right policy is to reduce the imbalances as quickly as possible.
Measured by the economy's overall output of goods and services, the recession had ended more quickly than expected.
The only thing more remarkable than how quickly these fortunes have arisen is how inexplicable some of them seem.
When civilians are killed or injured, images of destruction are quickly transmitted throughout the world.
Biologists all over the world quickly agreed to the moratorium, and experiments were halted everywhere for ten months.
But even in the upper reaches of feature writing, you still move on quickly to another subject, another set of people.
She was set up from time to time in small restaurants which she ran without any talent and failed in quickly.
From the economic point of view its cheap labor is much more abundant, so its cost advantage will not quickly be eliminated.
They will smile for the cameras, and quickly leave without answering questions.
Though these land-based robots may seem a bit more primitive than their airborne cousins, they are catching up quickly.
At this point, the trial should be stopped-and stopped quickly.
Whether my article is any good, or advances scholarship in the field, are quickly becoming secondary issues.
Games quickly lose part of their charm when pressed into the service of education, character development, or social improvement.
It's based on changing your lifestyle habits quickly and sustaining those healthy changes for the long term.
If the knife slips, you can quickly damage yourself or something in the room.
Feed readers allow you to quickly follow the topics you choose.
We are trying to conclude the discussions as quickly as possible.
Or the kids might tire more quickly than you expected.
Although many adult students find it to be a challenge they also look back and can't believe how quickly the experience goes.
The system then begins branding them as toll cheats and the fines quickly pile up.
Technology is quickly changing how kids bully one another.
With crime soaring in the area, the story might well have vanished quickly.
How quickly his left foot could heal became a national obsession.
No one really knows if, or how quickly, alternative energy sources can revive the economy and salve the planet.
But when he failed to appear in the lunchroom after that, city officials quickly took notice.
When that was explained, the markets recovered quickly.
But, as is typical with my ventures in the kitchen, things quickly got out of hand.
Research shows that photonic crystals can change color as quickly as other technologies.
It's easy to think that proteins ought to fold more quickly as they cool down and then unfold more quickly as they heat up.
One reason to do this is to measure how quickly the neutrons decay by beta emission.
Even then, tumor cells may remain deeply lodged, replicating and spreading quickly through healthy brain tissue.
Since there was no rule against automating the process, a few teams quickly realized they could compete better by using bots.
They're potentially cheaper to make than conventional solar cells and can be quickly printed.
It could also be used as a coating for bandages to help wounds heal quickly and with less scarring.
At the same time, vehicles leaving the jams are made to accelerate away quickly using automated cruise control.
But that level quickly dropped, and other readings have been far lower.
Researchers are now turning to new tools to help quickly sort through these bugs.
Timing plays a huge role in our choices, because technology markets change quickly.
Drive in and a simple robot takes out your car's depleted battery and inserts a charged one, and you're quickly on your way again.
The result: water rolls off the surface of the membrane while oil travels quickly up the pores.
Another drawback of using lithium-ion batteries is that they quickly lose their ability to hold charge.
Move these coils apart, and the efficiency of energy transfer drops off quickly.
We quickly duck into the seats, find the hidden ignition key, and start it up.
When a direct heat source is applied to the material it would quickly expel the additional energy.
The officers reacted quickly, pulling the individual to safety.

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