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Example sentences for quickening

The quickening expansion will eventually pull galaxies apart faster than light, causing them to drop out of view.
And whether it is the glaciers' weight, speed or volume that is measured, a quickening of the their movement can be detected.
Instead the pace at which he is running out of friends seems to be quickening.
After the storms of the past few years, the delights of political calm and quickening economic recovery.
The war was quickening other changes in the country, as suggested by that telegraphic messenger.
Her nurse could hear his boots, quickening down the hospital hall.
We splashed our way into the quickening ebb of the long colonial tide.
The rate at which that pace is quickening since the beginning of the year is nearly beyond imagining.
Wheat prices roared higher yesterday, stoked by the quickening pace of exports and low supplies.
Seas are meanwhile rising around the world at a quickening pace in a phenomenon that scientists attribute to global warming.
The music is highly infectious, and the color reveals some quickening sights.
The fast growing hotel and restaurant sectors and quickening life pace have made dining out more frequent.
One is the quickening pace of technological change and price compression within the electronics industry.

Famous quotes containing the word quickening

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