quibbling in a sentence

Example sentences for quibbling

Many professors say they can, although there is quibbling over the reasons why.
You're quibbling over non-essential trivia that really doesn't even have anything to do with the main article.
These changes-and the latest in the series will surely not be the last-reflect something more than quibbling over labels.
Prices rise and fall as visitors move from stall to stall, comparing items and quibbling over costs.
Your reader is quibbling over the definition of deregulation.
All the quibbling about whether people will buy a car from a bankrupt manufacturer seems to me to be largely beside the point.
Polite quibbling, no matter how trenchant, is different from battling.
The exercise is an absolutely necessary one, but the point-by-point approach can leave the impression of quibbling over details.
Quibbling about the rights and responsibilities of scientists in a given field is not always unimportant or futile.
The commenters quibbling about single facts or who was the primary culprit are missing the forest for the trees.
The first is discovery and science, whereas the second is quibbling over semantics.
What the quibblers are quibbling over are spelling errors.
First, get the facts completely right so there is no quibbling over side issues.
But quibbling is not an option for a guest at this rich banquet.
Fighting over whose ox gets gored amounts to quibbling in the face of the depth of the crisis.
You're quibbling with one of the better shows with one of the better ensembles.
We should not be quibbling over his excuse or his intentions.
There will be bickering and quibbling among the lawyers, no doubt.
Teams are also quibbling and quarreling with legislatures.
On the merits, there is plenty of room for quibbling, and there will be quite a bit of quibbling.
So quibbling over a few hundred gigs and physical size will start to be meaningless.
When confidence has been kicked down the stairs, quibbling about normal market incentives is quite beside the point.
Yet the coming weeks offer plenty of scope for quibbling and foot-dragging.
Nor, statistical quibbling aside, can there be much argument about the relative pace of growth fuelled by such investment.
With tens of thousands of barrels of oil still gushing into the gulf every day, quibbling over a name might seem petty.
So much energy goes into all this niceness that quibbling about the food feels churlish.
There was no quibbling at all between customer and broker yesterday.
In the life sciences, evolution is handled solidly and without quibbling.
Moreover, this is not a matter of quibbling among bureaucrats.
Mike is wasting money and time promoting quibbling over previous leadership.
Quibbling over phrases and details became unpopular under the pressure of the need for speed.
The quibbling should not obscure the accomplishments of the program.
He doesn't understand why everyone is quibbling over the width of a driveway.
There has been much quibbling in this case over the allowance of the fee.
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