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Example sentences for quibble

Whether the long-predicted double dip is looming or has already arrived is a quibble of semantics.
These kind backers rarely quibble over the network's content.
Historians quibble over details of the original library's demise.
Some might say the rear guard, but let's not quibble.
While you can quibble on moral grounds it won't convince a judge.
That's arguably a pretty vague mission, but the committee members were too busy agreeing with the speakers to quibble.
My quibble is with those who use theirs for long conversations, whether business or social.
My quibble is that the author underestimates the odds of the next step in the process.
Egalitarians quibble that the bulk of the money ends up with rich well-supported clubs.
All right, this is a quibble over a small place with multiple personalities.
No matter how good each is at the math, the other has some quibble about data, methods and interpretation.
Some might quibble with the figures, but nobody seriously disputes the argument.
My only quibble with the book is, it fails to condemn the guilty in sufficient terms.
Why quibble about degrees of instability, when we're all in need of some stability right now.
Even the snootiest design snob wouldn't quibble with those choices.
But you will hardly quibble over the flaws in this hypnotic moonstone of a novel.
Either you quibble with his definition-or you are an immensely optimistic bunch.
Our only quibble would be that he may not have gone far enough.
My only quibble was that it was not as absorbent as some of the other mops.
But you cannot quibble with the results in the countries that have introduced them.
One might quibble with a few of the author's choices.
My only quibble is your characterization of the move in interest rates as an uptick.
It seems best not to quibble with results: no fires, packed house.
Certainly, there are things to quibble about in the proposed legislation.
While one could quibble with the balance they struck, this allocation appears to be in a sensible range.
Without wishing to quibble, that is a bit of an over-estimate.
However, more than two years later, construction is still on hold as lawmakers quibble about the details.
We could quibble with the reasoning and motivations behind it.
Performers and other nominees were so good, you could hardly quibble with any of them.
With someone else paying the bill, consumers had little incentive to quibble over the ever-growing costs.
We may quibble with some of the details of these statements, but the basic reasoning still sounds pretty good today.
It is important not to quibble over whether a particular statement becomes a goal or an objective.

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