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We entered through a private gate, which meant no queue or worries about luggage.
One day while standing in a bus queue we were discussing parts of England we should like to visit.
I'll put those questions in the queue for now, with the promise to get back to them in the order they were received.
Small logs were used to guide the ticket buyers as they form a queue.
Surely no one wants to go to the library, wait in the queue, and then thumb through drawers of cards.
There seems to be more queue-jumping by the powerful.
Under no circumstances is the sound of traffic a reliable queue to determine if it is safe to cross the road.
If there's a queue, a voice offers an automatic call-back without losing your place in line.
Lesser-known artists queue up for interviews, while superstars cut to the fronts of lines.
My first year, we would queue up at the beginning of semesters to register for classes on the main yard at 7 or 8 a.m.
We cross the churchyard and join the queue outside the community hall.
As a song is playing, customers can enter additional songs into the queue by entering the song number.
Now, everyone can use the routes and they need to queue up to the government to ask for the routes.
Every morning after the fare data is collected the system checks the alert queue and sends out emails if the fares are available.
They can search their instant queue and search streaming apps.
Jumping the queue for fresh baked goods will be a lot harder if the whole neighborhood is following the same bakery, for instance.
Ito-san looks at the queue and gestures for us to follow him.
Keep the connections low and let users queue naturally.
Outside a bank, people queue for their wages, since no payments were made during the fighting.
More vessels queue up outside the harbours waiting for a free berth.
Yet he could queue for a bus without being recognised.
Little wonder, then, that the queue of carriers hopping on the biofuel bandwagon is growing.
Seniors approaching retirement could sit on boards to decide if someone deserves to be a queue jumper.
There was nothing in her queue but junk mail and other spam, but she thought the trip was worth it.
Definition of queue, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
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Each queue represents a different job scheduling and control policy.
The added queue is also notified to scheduler module to consider this queue's effect on scheduling.
Each queue is observed to support the queue statistic information.

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