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Example sentences for questionnaire

No one has yet devised the perfect questionnaire to diagnose what's commonly known as narcissism.
All candidates will be asked to complete a questionnaire as part of the application process.
All were asked to complete an online questionnaire normally used to help couples understand their strengths and weaknesses.
Give each student a questionnaire to be completed by his or her family.
Participants could also volunteer woes that did not fit into the questionnaire.
Right now, donors merely complete a questionnaire that asks whether they have had babesiosis or unexplained fever.
Be sure you've filled out the author's questionnaire that the publisher sent you to guide its promotion efforts.
To sign up for the service, customers must fill out a questionnaire about their hobbies and habits.
Prepare a brief questionnaire based on how students travel to school each day.
It was a big debate when the questionnaire was finalized.
The questionnaire will largely cover technical matters.
The site has a five-star rating system, and asks that hotels fill out a questionnaire about their sustainable practices.
Next, the participants were asked to complete a questionnaire to evaluate their subjective perception of the illusion.
It is not a matter of a questionnaire or a fixed profile.
These have been selected from comments made by students when completing our questionnaire.
The committee began by sending an elaborate questionnaire to statesmen and thinkers around the world.
Two possibilities occur to me regarding the questionnaire.
The tiny flag, affected the answers in the questionnaire.
Tell us about your experiences with race in this questionnaire.
He said he refused to fill out a questionnaire on his research.
When done, retrieve the window remaining on your desktop and complete the brief questionnaire.
If there is a complaint about an organization, the clearinghouse sends the group a questionnaire.
Investments will be made on the basis of company profits and the responses of management to an ethical questionnaire.
The link takes them to a questionnaire that asks about grades, test scores, and intended majors.
At the end of the lecture, the audience members filled out a questionnaire.
Before accepting the chocolate, however, they were obliged to complete a brief questionnaire.
The reported prevalence of snoring varies, and depends on the population studied and the wording of the questionnaire.
Perhaps there were too few choices on the questionnaire.
Before they started on the game, the recruits all completed a questionnaire.
Crew members fill out a lengthy, standardized personality test and then answer a weekly questionnaire.
Relying on tweets raises its own problems, but this is still a decent step beyond small, questionnaire-based studies.
All these effects were statistically significant, and a questionnaire revealed that the tests didn't affect the volunteers' moods.
Their memories were all intact, and questionnaire showed that both groups remembered the same level of detail about the videos.
Visitors are given the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire, so that an expert can personally select a scent for them.
They all completed a standard questionnaire on menstrual symptoms, then repeated the survey five years later.
When trying to close an online account, users are often asked to fill out a questionnaire.
But if the questionnaire is not returned, nothing ends up in the file except the complaint.
At the end, he hands the subject a packet of colored markers to fill out a questionnaire that will run alongside the photos.
Pairs are formed via a questionnaire that touches on everything from smoking to overnight guests.
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