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So thank goodness more homeowners are questioning whether or not they really need it and rethinking their entire landscape.
The gallery was largely composed of prospective jurors awaiting questioning.
So it's not surprising that interrogators would also want to use something to make subjects more tractable during questioning.
But when their teams became known, there were other avenues of questioning.
But its not art because there is no questioning, provocation or idea.
In effect, they are questioning the ability of moviegoers to distinguish between good and bad.
But he knows from his own job that the mere presence of a polygraph can be useful in questioning.
Timber companies are publicly questioning the logic of protecting forest that spotted owls no longer inhabit.
The group finds myriad oddities, several suspicious species for sale and a suspect who eludes questioning.
They held me for questioning for over two hours before they let me go.
He launched an official search for the bodies, questioning hundreds.
Unrest has investors questioning risk fundamentals.
When they stop questioning orthodoxy, mankind will have given up the search for truth.
The prosecutor's office won permission to hold the four executives at a detention centre for ten days for further questioning.
In the two weeks after the bombing, the police detained several hundred people for questioning and formally arrested six of them.
Since then he has published a string of articles questioning conventional thinking on development.
There is, certainly, no questioning the putative candidate's own gargantuan self-belief.
Others still are questioning whether they have the right mix of businesses.
After several hours of questioning he was charged with embezzlement and corruption, and then released to return to his posh hotel.
It is worth questioning how many of the tests now conducted are necessary.
And unlike the lot that have been kicked out, the new rulers face constant questioning from an awakened street.
Apparently this test was developed due to the many people writing in, questioning their mental well being.
They begin by questioning the rather dubious claims made by psychodynamic-minded theorists over the years.
It is evidence-based information that is subject to constant questioning and testing from within the scientific community.
Questioning is not the mode of conversation among gentlemen.
They have the sophisticated, questioning spirit of the new century.
She talked and talked, her godmother still smiling and questioning.
The captain lifted his head and gave me a questioning glance.
Till some questioning voice dissolves the spell of its silence.
My questioning them, was my thoughts on them: and their form of beauty gave the answer.
The police secure the building and begin questioning residents.
So you're nearing the end of your doctoral training and questioning whether an academic career is right for you.
The researchers examined various factors thought to influence reading achievement, extensively questioning parents and caregivers.
In today's tough economy, more people are questioning why colleges cost so much.
The attention on teacher quality and the questioning of teacher education makes this a moment of opportunity.
So they choose self-indulgence instead of self-denial and self-esteem instead of self-questioning.
After questioning the value of much of the third year of law school, he offered some suggestions.
It's understandable that people are questioning the value, given the unemployment situation.
And the authors found that students' level of religious struggle, or questioning their beliefs, increased in college.
But questioning how a particular major will affect their employability is not necessarily the best approach.
But in the discussion of ideas and in the deep questioning and hesitations one recognizes a fellow thinker at work.
The humor reaches such a crescendo of introspection and self-questioning that it ends up as its own best critic.
There are people claiming that anyone questioning the facts is being disrespectful.
The father comes across as a seeker who simply can't bring himself to acknowledge the logical conclusions of all his questioning.
While questioning some aspects of the recommendations, the article offers a glimpse into their history.
Our questioning helps us venture deeper into these people's roles, and what techniques they've developed to cope or excel.
There was a constant flow of intellectual questioning about the truth of life.
So is questioning his sometimes absurd policy proposals.
There he immediately began to make enemies by questioning corruption.
Six decades later, the program is as popular as ever, but once again some voices are questioning its viability.
But some experts are already questioning whether the company will be able to sustain itself.
The endlessly self-questioning author was now paying people to write nasty reviews of his work.
Under his questioning, the maid started shaking and crying.
The questioning was incomplete, full of opportunities never pursued, and further weakened by an incompetent interpreter.
It is exactly that sovereign backing that financial markets are now questioning and that is missing from the design.
Questioning received notions of the sacred is always dangerous.
He arrived at a moment when contemporary art had been, for a decade or more, in a state of deep self-questioning.
But granted that, scholars are questioning to what degree the edition is critical at all.
One of their goals is the idea of sowing doubt or questioning statistics.
The couple and other guests were hauled off for questioning.
He is really questioning the basic nature of time, its nonexistence.
As he started to feel better, he became less resentful of my exams and questioning.
For one, there is always room for questioning science.
They began questioning the claims being drawn from the fossil evidence, searching for a truly incontestable mark of endothermy.
They were eye-opening and reminded us to be always questioning and curious.
Questioning dark mater would have grabbed my attention much less than questioning gravity.
If you read the article you see that you have a journalist who is questioning its legality.
ID consists pretty much only of questioning evolution.
However interviews are not usually taped and interrogators have more flexibility during that part of the questioning process.
Your students will learn better when you teach them the skill of self-questioning.
The military dismissed all the doctors and nurses, but kept some for questioning, including the hospital's medical director.

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