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The invention is of use to the inventor, of questionable help to any other.
Many experts have also become concerned about biofuels' questionable green credentials.
The reliability of the water-level sensors in these structures is also questionable.
Implants work sometime but they are questionable and a bit of a guess they are often mis located or too long.
The software's reliability is questionable at best even with the patches.
While many industry norms are questionable at best, agents provide necessary and important services.
Because our decisions were made in haste, their quality was always questionable.
Questionable work finds its way more easily through the review process and enters into the domain of knowledge.
It's morally questionable, true, but that doesn't mean anything technically.
To some extent, whether clients got put into questionable investments depended on which senior manager oversaw their account.
Mainstream medicine supports the diagnosis, but some doctors claim the evidence behind it is questionable.
He didn't sell me but there are hundreds of people in physics and astronomy who don't mind math with questionable results.
Completely disavowed everything preceding it as questionable and dubious.
And this whole infinite universe thing is questionable.
Physicists are working on all sorts of rocketry and satellite technology that may be put to questionable purposes.
Although the science was questionable and the politics were the usual half-baked compromises.
Even questionable medicines look better than the alternative.
His cruelty was excessive and his cause was questionable, so he lacks virtue.
If one was decided by a questionable use of the ropes, the next might be fought with the ropes removed.
The suicidal behavior reporting button is located within the normal mechanism for reporting questionable content.
Bulky power supply limits already questionable mobility.
Now that they're getting one, it's questionable if anyone will actually bother to buy it.
Coupled with the premium pricing, it all adds up to a somewhat questionable experience.
There's also an unexpected design twist that seems to be of questionable value.
Whether belts will ever replace chains is questionable, but they're getting more and more popular.
But the questionable decisions started long before that.
The authors believe that a questionable mathematical model is the reality.
Despite the questionable, random time of early summer to do the study, the results are still questionable.
However, as this a carnivore, raising salmon on fish that could be consumed directly by humans is ethically questionable.
Still questionable about how accurately a video game replicates real human choices.
Impugning motive is a futile exercise- as questionable motives apply to all of us.
The whole premise of the study is questionable as are the conclusions.
The evolutionary argument that illness must have some positive adaptive purpose is itself of questionable rationality.
The chicken pox vaccine is yet another example of a questionable vaccine.
The arguments for strategic status, though politically appealing, are questionable.
The notion that lengthening copyright increases creativity is questionable, however.
Whether investors are getting enough compensation for the risk of holding long-term emerging-market debt is questionable.
Whether investors should be similarly comforted is more questionable.
Such ministerial fiats have questionable legal authority and procedures for monitoring and ensuring compliance are often opaque.
It is questionable whether any of the pits would have been cleaned up had it not been for the campaigners.
It is questionable whether this effect is desirable.
The security risks may seem insurmountable, and the economic benefits questionable.
Yet its ability to destroy the nuclear sites is questionable, and such a strike may precipitate a regional war, or worse.
However, it's questionable if they are really urban though.
Therefore, it is questionable either way, until further proof.
Also, the theoretical basis behind the inclusion of change in unemployment rate is questionable.
Thus the first answer is that in its current form, survival is indeed questionable.
Carter had been in and out through the first half, and he's now questionable to return.
He was in a lot of pain and his return is questionable.
Doctors find many of the other claims and practices of chiropractic questionable, if not downright objectionable.
They tamper with the operating system's interface and clutter it up with preinstalled apps of questionable value.
Many of them have engaged in questionable, if not outright fraudulent activities to support their greed habits.
Your taste is pretty questionable for someone who reviews music.
And no one has asked the mayor to support a trucking or paving contract or questionable residential developments.
Keeping them away from art to avoid questionable language will indeed make certain they never ever ever hear those words.
Its release to the press is an extrajudicial statement, and it smacks of questionable judgment on the part of the prosecutors.

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