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Of course, he might have been programmed to fend off this kind of query with deadpan humor.
For information about marketing a food or garden product, query your county government about the home demonstration service.
Not long ago a query arrived, urgent and unexpected, via cellphone.
There is no way to get an unbiased response to this query.
His answer was as irritating as my repeated query.
The root of my query is the fact that ribosomes must be incredibly complex molecules.
You never answered my query as to whether English is your native language.
This is the kind of query that should be left to medical people.
We are happy to discuss any individual query that you might have about re-using our copyrighted material.
Fire away with the geolocation query, but be wary of how you broach the topic.
Ill-applied charity and idleness answer the first query.
They wanted to query ancestral ranges of marriage patterns by mapping the cultural variation in customs onto a phylogenetic tree.
The response to your query is that you are adding an extra, inefficient, step for no reason.
One way to screen for robots is to see whether many different workers return the same response to the same query.
One has to query whether it is the tail wagging the dog or the other way around.
My query is whether such hatred is necessary if a writer's mind is as good as his pen.
Last spring a baffled user posted a query about why her ferrets-for-sale ad disappeared.
To start your query, click and drag this image into the search box.
Whichever one is closer in angle to your query vector is more similar.
Instead, they continued typing until they had finished the search query.
The machine could also query the contents of multiple locations in memory as necessary.
It's more efficient to post the changes rather then re-query the database.
Not exactly a professional business query, but it gets full marks for spontaneity and confidence.
If it wasn't asked so often, that query would sound crazy.
Use this option to restrict the query by more than one criterion.
Because of the volume of database, it will take a little while to process a query.
Select the type of query that best meets your needs.
Query laboratories by name, location and/or accredited parameter.

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