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Most of their queries have to do with placement of commas, capitalization, or the proper use of that and which.
Some make another trip to town and back when queries cannot be answered by telephone.
Search engines also engage in predictive text to figure out what queries users might type in.
We will make every effort to answer your queries and will reply to you via email within two business days.
Peer review may need to include queries re reproducibility of work.
Besides, they were being submerged by the daily flood of relatively trivial queries.
Other stimulating queries and observations on more topics follow.
Push it twice, and you are in dialogue with central for more complex queries.
In other words, the surge in queries is probably amplified by surges in media attention, creating a bit of a feedback loop.
The gadget compiles the info by aggregating search queries for the virus geographically.
But his response made me wonder how players would react to my queries and presence.
His project combined readings from remote water-sensors with queries and data which villagers keyed into their mobile phones.
She is extensively programmed and able to draw upon a vast ecosystem based on an array of queries.
We have listed our property on the site and it generates for more queries than any other vacation home site does.
The content in question is the search queries our users submit.
It also provides tools to help users further refine their queries.
But in any event, my daughters found lots of relevant responses to queries.
The database is freely available for online queries and complete download.
Archibald's e-mail queries to anonymous machine makers were politely but uniformly rejected.
Open search box supporting keyword and natural language queries.
But these queries really are trivial, compared to the immense significance of the book itself.
Due to the expected high number of applicants, please follow application directions and refrain from email and phone queries.
Instead they were supposed to refer all queries to the communications office.
Maybe one of our goals is to help reduce the ambiguity of too much information by providing fewer answers to queries.
Perhaps tiring of my queries, the doctor tosses an implant across the desk and asks me to stuff it in my shirt.
Even notably unimportant queries are usually answered quickly.
Now some of them are accompanied by a plus sign that pulls up related queries.
Some presenters say they dread asking for queries at the end of a meeting, worried that a zinger is in the wings.
His blue-gray eyes fastened on me as he bounced back his own questions in reply to my queries.
But so much can happen on a foreign trip that you will have to store a lot of queries to cover all your possible needs.

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