queried in a sentence

Example sentences for queried

There was not, however, any activity when subjects were queried about the dissimilar characters.
They also queried the students about whether they were likely to make exercise a routine part of their day.
Any decent data base on the subject could, if queried, find all the official traffic due through that area at that time of day.
Queried about the flashbacks, they responded by flashing forward and even sideways into a parallel world.
Some queried the mixture of presidents and prime ministers.
If anyone ever queried what was going on, he was simply told he should do whatever the interrogators asked him to do.
When queried they told him he'd have to pay late charge again.
They can be queried in different ways to extract fire information based on attribute characteristics.
Input and output records that allow antidumping and countervailing duty data to be queried.
With multiple individuals marked, inter-object distances and relative moments can be queried to examine social interactions.
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