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He practiced endlessly as well, to quell his nervousness.
Her bitter Love shall quell me at the last.
If the monsoon lives up to expectations, the prospect of a good summer harvest will help to quell food inflation.
Flanked by newsmen, the mayor-elect tries to quell the pandemonium that broke loose upon his appearance after victory.
Some 200 policemen were summoned to quell the riot.
Reinforcements were called in to quell the disturbance.
In years past, security has been increased for that game to quell fights.
No one knows how to quell the uncertainty.
The breakthrough may one day quell the debate over stem cell research.
In dealing with the smaller and weaker nations, the visit of a single warship might quell trouble.
Then troops would have to be called in to quell it, and the result would be bloodshed.
The government has sought to quell growing discontent by declaring a week of national mourning, but the questions remain.
On each occasion euro-zone members have done something-but not quite enough to quell the crisis.
But growth will not have to slow by four points to quell it.
The authorities have deployed thousands of troops to the north-east in an attempt to quell the violence.
To quell property prices, the government is trying to starve real-estate developers of financing.
Talks among political leaders in pursuit of a consensus on how to quell the unrest swiftly broke down.
Horn shavings, boiled in water, are said to quieten the liver and quell fevers.
Urate seems to quell the highly reactive free radicals before they get a chance to injure the crucial brain cells, he says.
He didn't submit an explanation and he didn't do anything to quell doubt over anything that might be wrong.
On too many occasions, national sovereignty is used as a pretext to quell internal dissent.
But even then, inoculation was used to quell smallpox, the deadliest scourge of the day.
Patients also receive nicotine gum to quell breakthrough urges.

Famous quotes containing the word quell

They yelleden as fiendes doon in hell; The duckes cryden as men would them quell; The geese for feare flewe... more
Machines were, it may be said, the weapon employed by the capitalists to quell the revolt of specialized la... more
here in hell We're drinking tea from a Grecian Urn long after Your Paphian Fanny let tubercles quell Ethere... more
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